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The Progressive Killing Machine

The Progressive Killing Machine
What thoughts would be going through F.D.R’s head when he realizes the attack he needed to solidify his political agenda, had yielded over 2000 American casualties? He did nothing to stop Pearl Harbor, when in fact it is almost impossible that he wasn’t aware of the impending siege, history would go on to conclude. This is nothing new however, throughout American history, politicians have been manipulating and lying to us to satisfy their motives. Politicians have sacrificed American lives, lively hood, and liberties to attain their goals.
We did this since our birth, politicians from every stripe, in the name of progress, manifest destiny and so on, progressives? We slaughtered thousands when politicians aided by the media would conjure deadly crisis. Both good and devious acts have been born from the mouths of our leaders, who believe to this day, the American citizen needs to prodded like cattle. Just like parents who believe it is their duty to manipulate and lie if they have to, for the betterment of the child. Oblivious that they are held to the same standard as the rest of us.
This is none more evident than in recent time, from the executive chair bleeding right on through to our legislators, and now czars, liars, cheats, and frauds. We stand on the edge of oblivion, with our backs to the abyss. I clearly believe that the American liberal, for the most part, does not, nor is interested, in the history of our nation. For that matter, I am afraid the citizenry in general is not privy to the past which has shaped this nation. Do people understand the bloody slave insurrections, the plight of the African slave, our empty promises to the Indians? Do they realize how much bloodshed it took to fulfill the establishment of the greatest nation on earth?
Without history, real history, as a yard stick, we are doomed to repeat the past. Yes this is cliche, but it has never been more true. Our early founders were geniuses, some people will put an asterisk against their phenomenal achievements, because of their “wrongs”. Supporters of the founders will be quick to inform you that they were human, with the sin and frailty of all humans, but the over all good they did created they best nation on earth. I agree that they were divinely guided and created the worlds greatest construction, The United States. As far as being flawed, to properly measure their ignorance, one must measure it with the time and era. One must look to the “sins” of every man, every country, every society. One must learn their history. (this will be discussed ad nauseum in my next posting)
One thing is very evident and true for this discussion, progressives and democrats have throughout history redirected our course with murder and mayhem. In the last three administrations this has been brought to a boiling point. We as Americans are supporting a government that is recklessly murdering native Africans and keeping the most of the continent a helpless welfare state. Progressives, under the lie of environmental expansionism and abortion, are systematically murdering native Africans. Here in this country when democrats found out it’s easier to control the black population with lies and government cheese, they stopped lynching them, or throwing them out in the front lines to absorb all the enemies fire ( or at least publicly). Look at this democrat icon, Robert Byrd, a racist ex-KKK man, celebrated by the currant regime. The horrors that the KKK has inflicted on it’s victims can only be satisfied by the fires of hell, hopefully Byrd is feeling the flames of his hideous choices.
America, if our republicans and common sense people won’t stand with fire in their eye’s and fight back the progressive insurrection and the democrat killing machine, we must remove them. Polite talk is over. We are fighting for our lives. The federal government wants our land, our children, and our liberties. This is not the country George Washington saved with his rag tag bunch of freedom fighters. It is not a white man’s America, it is a free mans America. Black, Irish, Indians, Italians, Germans, Japanese, Chinese, etc, we all became established here in different ways. Some were slaves, some were just hated, and some who were slaves died for this country. They knew we were on to something and they were right.
Our sins were none worse than that of Spain, England, Africa, Portugal, or the Dutch, etc. The United States past wasn’t perfect, but whose was? In the last hundred years this country has done more for the world than most nations combined. Our “sins” were no more deviant than those of other cultures, nations, or peoples. If we were to examine what life was like and worth at that time in history, we would realize what we would claim to be ignorance around the globe.
The democrats are on a suicide mission to terminate this country. Whats in it for them, you ask? Why would Obama choose to be a one term President? Ego! Power! They will have completed what their founders Teddy Roosevelt, Wilson, and F.D.R. could never finish. This current regime of democrats, will forever be remembered in history; most as martyrs, who gave their political lives for the progressive dream. Barack Obama’s one term in office, only looks like a failure for those of us stuck in the politics of old. When this regime is finished the political landscape will be unrecognizable.