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The Politics of Destruction

I think in recent months conservatives, tea party people, and the basic right have targeted Obama and his administration, this is not unwarranted, I agree. The fundamental politics of destruction, however, are hardly introduced to the populace of thinking Americans. These are the progressive policies that drive the left, the warm spots for Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, in the dark hearts of these radicals. The radical American left is in lock step with politics of the worlds worst killing machines.

I recently read “Liberal Fascism” by Jonah Goldberg. Alright, I confess, I listened to the audio book on CD. I just don’t have the time, I am also a very slow reader. It reminded me of how entranced the left was with those they considered to be great men. Great until it was discovered how many human souls were slaughtered for these evil icons of the “left” to tighten their control upon the nation’s they led. It must be truly embarrassing for the left side, when reading facts from their founder’s, bragging about the enlightenment of “ el Duche” Benito Mussolini before we went to war and smashed Fascism, Nazism, and Japanese Imperialism.

To make it a little easier to distinguish the politics of destruction, look toward those who oppose the constitution, individual rights, and American sovereignty. These are the people are are implementing absurd policies that devour America one bite at a time. They are queering up the military, no pun intended, with social diversity of which will only serve to make us weaker. Our armed forces are intended to be an elite killing machine; efficient, ruthless, and unstoppable. These people wish to interject even more politics into our already over bureaucratize military. Thus making it weaker.

The progressive formula is to shred every fabric of traditional America fiber by stroking erroneous causes and concerns (of which they don’t give a damn) like: abortion on demand with no parental consent, child molesters in the boy scouts, welfare state, incarcerated people getting sex changes, environmental fraud. They are separating the races, and in a separate post I will drive the hammer down and obliterate the falsehood that tells us liberals and progressives are the colored mans friend. ( I am not referencing African Americans when I suggest the colored man, I am eluding to the fact that any other color besides white is a political pawn and casualty of liberalism.)

The Progressive agenda infiltrates society, popular culture, and the media, with fantastic perversion and sickness, simultaneously ostracizing and attacking normality and virtue as outdated concerns. “Church, family, abstinence is square and unrealistic, man”. All the while their sensationalized “It won’t happen here” circumstances become real. Incremental destruction, inhalation one inch at a time. Imagine these far out concepts.
1.Police won’t be able to ask suspects involved in criminal activity about their legal status. Even though those illegals have been murdering and plundering American citizenry.
2.Fourteen year old rape victims will be afforded abortion by taxpayer dollars, with encouragement! And without parental knowledge.
3.Our service men and women will be told to stand down while they are being shot at, their life will not outweigh the political blow-back if they disregard liberal rules of engagement.
4.Israel will be relentlessly bombed and terrorized, the liberal media will tear them apart if they defend themselves. Israeli lives will not garner the same political and pop culture value as a Muslim life.
5.The Russian’s, the Chinese, will oppress their people and censor their every move, they will bury and dispose of more dissidents, than most American cities do rats. But, we will be held to the standard in which if we water-board a terrorist to get vital information for saving American lives, our military and protectors will be prosecuted.
6.Five year old children will be taught about homosexuality and encouraged to engage in it. Homosexuals will be adopting infants.
7.We will kill our old when they become a cost burden.
8.Muslims will be encouraged to persecute and kill Christians in their home land, while in the US, Christians will see their traditions eradicated from public view. Christianity will be pursued like a baby gazelle from a hungry pack of lions, chastised, demonized, and mischaracterized. Muslim, Buddhist, atheist, and pagan religions will be prompt up by the federal government. Perhaps the worst of all will be the budding religion of environmentalism, giving honor and glory to mother Earth, brotherhood of man, community hogwash!

Ten years ago, I would have said your crazy. Today these eight examples are a micro- sample of how the progressives are destroying this nation. All I do is write my theories, liberal have banned my post from the daily Kos, Direct Democracy, politics now, and more. First they insult me, instead of debate, then they toss me. Now I am going to show you the fantastic extremism of ten examples that today, just as ten years ago, you NEVER imagined “could happen here”.

1.Muslim mosques will be federally funded, private land will be seized in this moronically vain effort to appease radical Islam. Sharia law will be legitimized, as in England. ( In NO other country that liberals admire so admittedly, do they have any tolerance for liberal agenda, liberals hatred for this country is sickening and treasonous. It is such a contradiction, but progressives love totalitarian, and communist states and since they are the puppeteers of whiny do good liberals, hence, contradiction.)
2.The federal government will require that employers hire a minimum number of homosexuals to the work force, most likely one that reflects the overblown and overstated actual number of homosexuals in this country.
3.Homosexuality will become a civil right. (this vastly diminishes and understates the horrific events in the actual civil rights struggle of the African American)
4.The federal government will grant amnesty to all illegal aliens currently in United States, encouraging a mass exodus of illegals to suddenly cross the border, claiming they have been here. These new citizens will receive federal welfare and healthcare, thus sinking our economy. This will set off a fire of frustrated Americans and violence will ensue.
5.The government will own 90 percent of the private industry, this will crush the small businesses. The small business man will not be able to afford the regulations and erroneous standards that big business can easily absorb. We will be well on are way to Fascism.
6.The internet will be controlled on a federal level.

We are on a direct course into the smiling arms of Fascism, this does not mean we will have a gregarious Italian leader or a Jew hating Nazi dictator. These dirtbags were revered by progressives. If a Buddhist leader preached the mass murder of Mongolians, this certainly would not mean that Buddhism was anti Mongolian. The politics of destruction. We have a President that has openly lied to the American public to get elected, and now they are trying to convince us that if you believe this, your a radical loon. The politics of destruction is progressivism. They are not ideologues, unless you consider an ideologue a person who will support any means to get to their desired ends. I didn’t say “ the means justifies their ends”. These perverse soulless elites will do ANYTHING to achieve their agenda.

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