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The Political correctness Disease

The antonym of common sense must be politically corrective behavior. I am convinced that PC (political correctness) is a formidable disease, as deadly as any ever recorded and it is destroying this nation from the inside out. The definition of disease is an impairment of health or condition of abnormal functioning, this just might be the most accurate way to describes PC’s effect on The United States. Diseases like alcoholism or drug addiction are usually prolonged by the host desperate spiral down the road of denial and in some cases it becomes terminal.

Americas PC affliction is ravaging this country and make no mistake about it, this is lethal, it is claiming innocent lives this very moment. Every second a police officer neglects to stop a suspicious car, for fear of profiling and an unassuming victim is shot to death on the sidewalk. Every illegal alien that is not questioned and escapes the law with narcotics that find there way in the veins of America’s youth. Every shady terrorist that slips through our grasp because he wasn’t captured by the politically correct rules of engagement, that kills another young soldier.
Political correctness was devised by liberal democrats as a means to dissemble the foundation of this country; their objective is a society who’s mantra is “ from each according to his ability, to each according to his need” The whole idea of the individual sickens the liberal, as they believe it to be a sign of arrogance and antiquated behavior. It is not politically correct to hold anyone accountable for their actions, just take a look what devastation PC has brought onto the gay and lesbian population. Std’s have abruptly ended so many young promising lives, gays are told to hate the disease, yet celebrate the behavior that contracts it. Homosexuality is one of the only sicknesses that has been classified as a lifestyle, it is not politically correct to question why the majority of homosexuals are products of abusive childhoods or molestation, it’s not PC to mention the high rate of lesbian violence and substance abuse.
Homosexuality is one of the biggest travesties imaginable and liberals have created a scenario that depicts people who oppose it as gay haters, when in fact it is the act itself that is detested. Homosexuality envelops all kinds; geniuses, artist, the wicked, the beautiful, but never the less it is a abnormality that has been exploited for political gain. The mere fact that I am writing this is making some readers cringe, not because they disagree, but because they have been conditioned by PC to believe homosexuality is a lifestyle choice.
Christianity, in America is falling victim to political correctness, soon it will be an impotent charade like it is over in Europe. Clearly the bible states that certain behaviors, like homosexuality are sin, yet the church is kowtowing to gay activist, becoming willing accomplices and sending their parishioners straight to hell. The whole idea and premise of Christianity is accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, for only through Christ is heaven attainable, yet our President, who claims to be Christian says, people who don’t subscribe to this belief will surely get to heaven, because they are nice people. While Christianity isn’t the only PC offender, is remains high priority and steadily in the cross hairs of the PC liberals because true Christian’s will not be a slave to the state or government drones.
As political correctness tares through society it indoctrinates all and consumes the individual, replacing the rugged American spirit with multiculturalism and mediocrity. Schools are teaching our children that winning alienates the loser, they are dumbing down pupils to the lowest common denominator to keep the less intelligent ones self worth intact. The political correctness disease will unravel the fabric of greatness that this country has relied on for centuries, unless the individual is willing to take a stand.

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