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The Paper President

The Iranians are becoming dangerously comfortable in their blatant disrespect over our concerns, if Obama let’s them go nuclear it is a game changer. Millions will die, either as a direct result of the weapon itself or it’s destabilizing affect on an already hyper-fragile part of the globe. Ahmadinejad has a mischievous glow about him, like a cat who just swallowed a canary, only this cat is smiling ear to ear because he knows he’s escaped a beating. The shameful fact is, no one cares, the kids are loose in the candy store, every two bit thug or would-be dictator has become fully aware of America’s paper President.
What liberals would refer to as enlightened, our enemies know as weak, our ally’s should be deeply concerned as well. As long as Obama is in the White House, Israel should abstain from any conflict, our President is no more a friend of theirs than he is a friend of ours. President Obama has just committed sending 35,00 American troops into a Afghanistan, just 55,000 shy of what was requested by General McChrystal. The President only complied with the Generals wish because he was forced into a corner, politically. However, by sending only a fraction of the troops McChrystal requested, he has further endangered our men and woman.