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The Obamacon: Taxes, Lies, and Treachery

When Nancy Pelosi was asked whether or not she thought it was fair for people to face incarceration for not participating in Obamacare, she replied, “ Well the point is, we want…..blah blah blah” Why can’t this administration ever say “YES” or “NO”? They truly reckon that we are idiot’s, you know, maybe we are. American’s overwhelmingly reject government run healthcare, but the democrats are forging ahead, buying off the dissenters. This whole political system is a sham, it’s a mockery of the nation we once knew. We are virtually paralyzed, will this country survive the Obama con?

The Obama propaganda machine that surfaces like greasy grimy pollution in an otherwise beautiful pond, monopolize every cable channel, they can hardly keep a straight face defending their liar, I mean leader. They resemble rats, doing the bidding of their pied piper. The democrat party has produced quite an abundance of dirtbags, like Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu, whose integrity was bought for a cool hundred million(some say 300 million), she figures her constituents can be bought as well if she spreads part of the wealth around. The problem is, it’s not only the citizens of Louisiana that will be flipping the bill, it will be all of us.

This administration has plagued us with the “CRISIS”, so they can con every last cent from us. If this healthcare bill goes through, the Obamacons will have created a structure designed to dominate the American, both economically and socially. Once we’re under the thumb of this monster, there will be a new America, one that hardly resembles the country my grandfather fought for. This is treasonous, nowhere in the constitution does the government have the right to force this abomination on us. This is the tyranny our forefathers warned us about. Obama exclaimed that he would fundamentally change this country and if this healthcare succeeds, he will.

The democrat’s deceptive mantra goes “doing nothing is not an option” when in fact doing nothing would save this country from a certain death by taxes and tyrannic liberal suppression. They claim that they will cut medicare by billions of dollars, this will NEVER happen, the elderly vote is too costly. So until they euthanize our elderly population, they will continue to raise our taxes. They are lying. When they say “doing nothing” it conveys the message that besides this horrendous debacle of legislation, no one wants to fix anything, and this part of the shell game. There are other ways to cover those who need it, but this plan has nothing to do with the uninsured, it’s strictly for domination.

The Obamacons aren’t even going to insure every one; we can send a man to the moon, perform brain surgery, clone sheep, but we can’t ensure 13 million people without fundamentally disassembling our republic and paying out over a trillion dollars? What part of this is believable, we must be crazy. If you do not see the treachery, you need your head examined. I blame every last politician who isn’t screaming at the top of his/her lungs to stop this; our tax dollars pay for these freeloaders. It is you and I who afford these worms the luxury to work two or three days a week, embezzle millions of dollars, have extra marital affairs and judge us with their self righteousness and pompous piety.

Last week the tragedy at Fort hood was committed by a terrorist, whose rallying cry was Allah Akbar! Then he ruthlessly murdered our unarmed troops, they were helpless victims of terror. The Obamacons denounced the attack, but told us not to jump to any conclusions, therefore they denied that this was an act of terror. Now, that Hasan is healing up he will plead insane, due to the abuses of an intolerant military and pre-traumatic stress syndrome. The Obamacons would rather this butcher receive a circus in which he can put politically incorrect America on trial, thus furthering their agenda.

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