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The New 9/11

Today marks the eighth anniversary of an extraordinarily tragic day, one that fundamentally changed America as we knew it. On September 11th 2001, terrorist took aim and struck without mercy, incinerating liberal, conservative, black, white, democrat, and a multitude of other Americans; this still surreal day transformed America on so many different levels.

A faceless killer, snuck passed our military defenses, eluded our nuclear warheads and our spy satellites and murdered over 3000 of our civilians, on our own soil. The recorded phone calls, the televised jumpers, and the people swarming from the collapsing cement and steel, constant digital reminders that we can’t hide. And come to find out we can’t compromise, coddle, coheres, or even appease these evil warriors of death.

The new President inherits this painful war in which his predecessor decided to move heaven and Earth to keep us safe from. To claim that this is anything less than a war on terror, is to negate the importance of those who perished on 9/11, it is a slap in the face to those precious hero’s who are dying on foreign soil right now. If changing this campaign’s name from the “war on terror” to the “over sea’s contingency plan” isn’t vile enough, the very anniversary day of heartbreaking event has been glossed over as the “nation call to remembrance and service day”

The President and his wife Michelle, did do their part today however, they parked the jet and helped paint a room. You see Mr. Obama seeks to reduce the significance of this day to coincide with his socialist agenda, a day of community service. You know, help the greater good. Politicizing this enormously important day is a shame to say the least. We as a nation should lament that fact that there are already children unaware of the enemy that pursues our destruction.

The momentous value of 9/11’s anniversary should never be equated to a community service/ teach the children to love the planet day. This day bound us by the common fact that no matter what political party we supported, no matter what color we were, no matter the denomination of our religion or lack thereof, we were survivors and we were in this together.

9/12 was not a day that we forgot people differences, but it was a day we found everyone’s commonality. There is a terrible enemy out there who wants us dead, because we represent freedom, because of our values, but most of all, because that is what brings them together. They are able to avert hunger, despair, hatred, and plight by creating a boogeyman, this boogeyman is the US and Israel. We cannot give into their demands, because their demand is that we die! Mr. Obama has done another great disservice to his country, by trying to politicize this day. God Bless us all.