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Let me preface this post by urging my fellow Christians, conservatives, traditionalist and everyone you know,please boycott the TV series Criminal Minds. Their anti-Christian agenda has far and away exceeded common decency. Every other episode depicts some psychotic Christian who, surprise surprise, winds up being a mind washed killer , who cannot function without slaying and sadistically mascaraing some poor soul. These criminals are always white men who are blinded by obscure and out of context bible passages.

The American media is finally being exposed for what they are, left wing propagandist, nothing more. I am sorry, I forgot to mention how they pimp out tragedy and misfortune to entice the ever growing population of overweight, under read, Americans whose lust for instant gratification has led to wide spread drug use, and disfunctionality. The media conditions these lost souls with important consumer needs, compulsive habits, and unsubstantiated fears, all in between the “identity to the killer” at 9:00 and “ How to control your children” at 10:00.

President Obama has spent the better part of his presidency convincing the world that The United States has been a selfish, arrogant, ignorant collection of misguided policies and pompous rednecks, and the media let him rant unchallenged. What a shock. However, when President Obama stood on the soap box pledging hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars to Haiti, I missed the part when he thanked the multi-million dollar fat cats and self made entrepreneurs that account for 90% of the federal wealth. Again the media said nothing. If Bush were in office, they would roast him for not responding quick enough.

One more thought on Haiti. Why is it when The United States comes under attack and it’s young men and women are being slaughtered both home and abroad by Islamic terrorist, Al Qaeda in particular, does the President dither, sighting the huge expense of the military; yet in a matter of 72 hours or so he commits troops and hundreds of millions of dollars to aid another countries horrific disaster? Because it’s not politically expedient? Or doesn’t this administration really believe we are under siege? Or could it be, taking on terrorism is to messy and politically risky? Has the media asked any of these questions?

As a matter of fact here are a few more questions I would like our “free and objective” journalist to inquire about.

1.Why, Mr. Obama did you lie to us, over a dozen times. You promised transparency, and so far you actions have been the antithesis of transparency?

2.Why, Mr. President did you guarantee that legislation would be televised on CSPAN, live no less; yet your elite administration is conspiring away in some secret location, wheeling and dealing, designing the health care bill without the input of the republicans?

3.Why, oh chosen one, are you continuing to let the Asian Carp decimate our rivers, refusing to close the shipping locks to the Great Lakes? Mr. President we understand that your “partners” in Illinois stand to lose millions, but if these un-indigenous creatures reach the Great Lakes, the surrounding states will lose billions! These predators will also destroy more of our national ecosystem.

4.President Obama, you passionately scorned earmarks (bogus personal gifts to sway votes from politicians).However the very first substantial piece of legislation that you signed was infested with earmarks. Why when we need to pass a bill that’s “good” for the people, do we need to fatten it up with kick backs at the tax payers expense?

5.Please enlighten me sir. You campaigned on the mantra of “hope & change” adnauseaum , however, you’ve accomplished nothing and you did it in the same Washingtonian way decades of past Presidents have.

6.Why sir, are you prepared to wager millions of unborn American financial futures on a climate change agenda that doesn’t even have the support of 50% of the international scientific community? Why won’t you even acknowledge and discuss the dissenting opinion of legitimate scientist?

These are just a few of the questions the American media has refused to not only ask Obama, but others, like Pelosi, Frank, Reid, Dodd, etc. Instead they have devoted every resource available into persecuting Sarah Palin. This is the perfect example of our national medias hatred toward the right and utter betrayal of our citizens. They are so extremely frightened of Sarah Palin’s “real American” persona, they are willing to forfeit objectivity and their integrity to take shots at a woman who isn’t even in office! I don’t believe Palin should run for President, but that’s another story, entirely.

These are pivotal moments in history, look at the race in Massachusetts, how can a republican be giving a good old girl such a run for the money. This lady, Coakley, is a hand puppet for the progressive machine, she was virtually handed the “Kennedy seat” in one of the most democrat infested states on the map. The people are fired up. These are the times we need the media to scrutinize these politicians, on both sides of the isle, but their not, and it’s a tragedy. Big government progressives from both parties are out to shake the American citizenry down and we have had enough.

I personally believe Harry Reid wasn’t far from the reservation when he less than elegantly stated that Obama could switch up his dialects depending on the crowd he was addressing, I have heard it. The way he expressed it, however left a lot to be desired, because he is a bigot elitist. There is no disputing Barack Obama puts a more “soulful” inflection in his voice when he is speaking to a certain segment of his base, he sounds like a fool, but he isn’t the only president or candidate that is guilty of this. The point is the media glossed it over; had a republican revealed such a fact in such a discriminating way, he would have received a first class high tech lynching.

A year ago, when McCain surprisingly lost his bid for the white house ( wink wink nod nod), the media was more than pleased to televise the funeral for the republican party. It was over. Now that the democrats are imploding, we don’t hear a word, strange. There is a battle going on, and their more than happy to blame it on republicans, but in reality the republicans cannot stop stop a single bill. We must demand more from the media. Barney Frank was recently questioned by our cowardly media, when a meek reporter asked a question Frank didn’t like, he immediately asked the reporter who he worked for, the reporter cowed down, The “journalist” should have quipped, “ With all do respect that’s not your concern, because the bottom line is, you work for me, and every other hardworking tax payer. Now answer the question!”

The tragedy that has rocked Haiti is nothing short of a heart wrenching reminder that human life is fragile,good people say stupid things, nature is unpredictable, and the American state run leftist media never diverts from their biased agenda. Christians have been in Haiti since 1807, establishing encouragement for the family and constantly giving their lives for the sake of the poor. At this moment Christians lead the humanitarian effort as it pertains to religious affiliations. Let us pray for Haiti

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