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The Lost Generation

Not familiar with the Baby Boomers? Bill and Hillary Clinton are Boomers, in their formative years they railed against the majority culture and the system, claiming that the country’s prosperity came at the expense of brown people, the lower classes, and the exploitation of women.

In the 1960s, fresh-faced Boomers were the latest and greatest generation of young Americans, however, they refused to step in line and advance the illustrious legacy which previous generations secured by selflessly sacrificing and conforming to  the  principled societal structure that made America great.

Deserting the West

He never left the 60s

Disaffected young hipsters sharply rebuked Western society and scoffed at the long-standing sentiment of “America First”, effectively putting the majority culture on notice.

Boomers categorically rejected American exceptionalism, personal responsibility, and unapologetic masculinity in favor of self-loathing and shame.

The entire concept of Americanism that passionately flowed throughout the collective patriotic vein strangely eluded them and ultimately became their bête noire.

The Counter Culture

Most Americans my age are familiar with the rallies and protest during the 60s, bombastic clusters of disenfranchised youths, forcefully conveying their preposterous message with memorable rants and astute slogans.

 (My friends & I  were too young to physically witness the  shameful spectacle of the 60s,  however, we shared a lot of laughs thumbing through Time and other mags, dumbfounded how those weenies ever got laid.)

They were the original SJW’s and aside from appearing filthier and slightly more disheveled, they are almost indistinguishable from today’s serial losers.

Gatherings on college campuses and disruptive marches became public forums for dirty hippies, flower children and nerdy Boomers to express their reckless demands. Oddly enough, the self-proclaimed dissidents of the 60s counter-culture currently occupy the Washington swamp or Wallstreet.

This begs the question,” What the F@^% happened?”.

It’s difficult to imagine that the Boomers are just a generation removed from those that sacrificed everything to pull us through WW2, the Greatest Generation.

Perhaps there was some tomfoolery at the maternity ward, maybe the infant Baby Boomers were cleverly replaced with replicas from an alien race, intent upon sewing chaos throughout our society, thus weakening us and making us ripe for the plucking.

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