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The decade of Leftoplis: The Baby Boomer Coup

In the 1960s, fresh-faced Boomers attempted to install a parallel America, co-existing alongside its authentic counterpart, this would be a parasitical relationship. Those that supported the counter-culture continue made it their mission to alter America’s intrinsic qualities with suicidal revisions.

The Leftopolis is a preposterous alternative to a country that radicals have deemed as “not fair” and “oppressive” for groups suffering from so-called injustice. The majority of quasi-revolutionaries had shared the distressing opinion that American exceptionalism was a source of shame and archaic masculinity.

The silent opposition: The patriotic people of the 50s

The determining civilian force of the 1950s had previously saved the civilized world from Hitler, that’s what they were told, anyway. The economy was growing faster than a teenager juiced up on anabolic roids, and Americans were very protective of their Nation, the very real suspicion of commies in the woodpile occupied most American minds at that time.

Poverty was on the decline, young patriotic white families were discovering the suburbs, a proper dwelling to rear their young and continue living the American dream. In the 50s, folks from differing races were not yet forced to integrate, allowing them to exist comfortably, free from added racial tension and conflict.

More about the last “America First” Decade

Across the country unsuspecting men kissed their female wives goodnight and then quickly fell asleep, comforted by the simplistic black and white world view of the 1950s. Their kids attended schools that provided them with educational lessons that significantly raised their stock, both as a prospective employee and as a human being.

For many of those Americans in the expanding Middle-class, there was a vested interest in the United States which most likely derived from their unconditional sacrifices in World War Two.

Unlike most proceeding generations, 50s folk had no aversion to conformity and never needed to prove how unique they were, in search of validation.

Before the 1960s, The United States was following an unprecedented trajectory, our humble European founders had transcended from a rag-tag movement of disillusioned countrymen into the divinely inspired builders of the world’s most advanced nation.

The adults that were in control, at the time, were keenly aware of what was required to maintain the country’s optimal integrity, firm adherence to the needs that were specific to the American culture.

Leaders and civilians alike realized how extremely vital protecting our culture was if we were to continue to amass good fortune and remain dominant over a harsh and callous world.

“Americanism” had always prevailed against insurmountable odds and sustained our people through difficult times.

In 1950 our population was over 150 million and 88 % of the country was white, sharing a familiar European heritage. The majority of Middle-class families were white and had shared values and core beliefs that were responsible for strengthening the fabric of their “America first” society.

Individual exceptionalism

Personal responsibility

Inalienable liberties and the inherent right to exist as free men

The “my vagina hurts” generation

Perhaps the overwhelming stress and uncertainty of WW2 had compromised the genetic make-up of many young Americans, thus explaining the overly emotional cognition that was so prevalent amongst their offspring.

The Boomers

Cedrick Dumpt
Cedrick Dumpt

Two heads R better than one

The architects of this counter-culture were a gnarly population of nimrods known as the Baby Boomers, a hyper-emotional brood that was driven to correct their nagging sense of self-dissatisfaction at the expense of others.


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