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The Left and their unwitting Dogs of war

After decades of agitating, manipulating, and misinforming, the left has fully ignited black America and they intend to burn it down to nothing. The majority of black folks maintain almost nothing in common with their white Democrat overlords, yet they remain their most loyal and well-trained voting block.

Democrats pander to black folks ad nauseam and have thoroughly manipulated them to believe that they alone are the sole champions of everything black.  It’s not clear whether the black community is just hopelessly gullible or the left and their Democrat storm-troopers are just that persuasive.

What is clear and near-criminal is that Democrats have long-denied this struggling minority their right to participate in the American dream, instead, they have indentured them, keeping these people like pets rather than like human beings, dependant & loyal.

Blacks are foolish to assume that they can legislate themselves onto equal footing with “whites” lord knows they’ve tried, generation after generation in America’s large urban areas continue to fail prolifically, even under the one-party rule. (democrat party)

Democrats are constantly stirring division and anger throughout black and brown communities, creating a fictitious white villain to explain away the chronic foibles that perpetuate their broken culture.

The Dem’s relationship with blacks is akin to a despicable home-health aid keeping her elderly patient in poor health, even sabotaging a recovery process, to selfishly secure her employment. Although the over-weight aid feigns concern for the old bird, she relishes every opportunity to rifle through her draws, hunting for valuables and robbing the lady blind.

In essence, the gray-haired geriatric is only a means to an end and like blacks in general, she’s content and comfortable, continuing to feed the voracious wolf,  believing its cockamamie tales of delusion.

Black Americans aren’t entirely blameless

Blacks must certainly own up to their involvement in the left-wing coup to topple America and squash the remaining resistance in the West if they are to ever move forward. A common turn-of-phrase among radicalized agitators in the black community is “uncle Tom” or “house negro”, labels often reserved for independent thinkers that happen to share the same skin color.

Ironically, it’s the so-called authentic, “proud black people” that unwittingly damage their cause as they typically dangle from short strings like marionettes, skillfully worked by the left,  angrily contorting at the will of their white puppet masters.

Dissension will not be permitted

 While briefly enjoying a moment in the local park next to the community college, I received a call from my kid-brother, he desperately needed an ear-of-concern to voice his distress over a recent transformation to his idyllic neighborhood.  My brother sacrificed tremendously to initially reside in that specific community with his new wife, it was the perfect location to raise children and he refused to impregnate his wife until living there became possible.

Less than a decade later, his once-friendly and wholesome neighborhood has seen a rapid influx of low-income housing and all the cultural rot that follows closely behind. Somehow we drifted to a conversation about the recent chaos caused by the left when I noticed a progressive college weenie eavesdropping, after hearing me suggest that blacks seeking reparations should be ashamed, he became hilariously triggered and shouted, “You can’t paint all African-Americans with the same brush, you bigot!”

The triggered SJW was both amusing and repulsive, he was also correct in saying that you shouldn’t paint an entire people with the same brush, it’s not logical. However, in this case, it applies, blacks are constantly browbeaten and ridiculed to subdue any potential streak of independence, the next step will be to publically revoke their black credentials.

Victims of misinformation?

One can easily pinpoint the source of skewed perception that’s retarding legitimate progress amongst individual blacks, keeping them angry, scared, and narrow-minded. During the recent chaos, ignited over the death of a Minneapolis thug, the buzz-words “systemic racism” have been vociferously repeated by almost the entire media.

Systemic racism is easily debunked, requiring only slight research into national statistics, then accepting the facts, and a smidge of common sense, yet aided by corrupt politicians and a broken media, social justice crusaders help to further an irresponsible narrative that suggests the deck is stacked against everyone without white skin.

If the current trajectory stays its course, this story won’t end well for blacks

If the evil left finally triumphs, the days of protesting and filing grievances will be a long-forgotten liberal dream, no one is more repulsed by minorities and the poor than the leftist elite and when they finally wield the power that they so desperately crave, black support will no longer be necessary.

This time will be remembered as “When the shit hit the fan”

Blacks are under-equipped and ill-prepared to survive when the world eventually reveals its cold and cruel reality, in this time it will be futile attempting to shame people into compliance and the left will refrain from answering their calls.

A man’s value will be determined solely upon what he is made of, attempting to rise by campaigning for others to fall will be rightly revealed as a hollow strategy and public reproach will be worthless, no longer considered influential capital.

It’s unlikely that blacks will discover the left has been working them like expendable Dogs of War, they’ll remain strung-out in the disinformation ether until their masters are finished with them. At that point,  the kennel doors will swing open and a voice will apathetically say, “ You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here,  so good luck and goodbye.”