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Preserve Our European Heritage

The Great White Hope: pt one Mass Immigration

Ending white shame

I momentarily disengage from the perpetual motion, I am no longer captive by the inertia generated from the machine which is fueled by ideologies, pop culture, talking heads, and reactionary movements. It’s much easier to observe and properly assess contemporary subjects when you’re no longer inhibited by the establishment’s insidious powers of suggestion.

Impending Desolation

It’s disheartening to be so ineffective while witnessing burgeoning new generations of men, sharing a common European heritage,  effectively being bullied and scapegoated in a society conceived and assembled by their ancestors.

White men, in particular, have been unwittingly engaged in a sophisticated process designed to render them weak and marginalized. The ominous and adversarial network which is responsible for this hostile aggression against their fellow Americans is vast and influential.

Young males of European descent should be emboldened by their ancestry, rising to the challenges of a complicated and cruel world, instead, there is an ongoing effort to reduce them into obedient state chattel, indistinguishable from the rest of the controlled masses.

Innocuous institutions of learning have long since abandoned any records of great men with only their mortality to wager, against the turbulent challenges of the times, whose endurance and ingenuity secured victory, taming one more piece of the savage world.

Instead, young people are forced to absorb pointed propaganda aimed at shaming the parent culture with erroneous claims and mischaracterizations.

Another effective weapon being deployed against white Ameicans is psychological warfare, meant to induce intimidation and insecurity, this is evident by the alarming silence over uninterrupted mass immigration.

No fucking way should be the rational response to the unabated tidal wave of poor foreigners staking claim to American soil and becoming entitled parasites, draining public resources which were intended to carry unfortunate Americans through difficult times.

Why are Americans conflicted over protecting their Empire?

The truth is that Americans of European heritage should not be bullied into abandoning their claim to this country, the US is not a refuge for every third world traveler that can successfully infiltrate the border.

This is a sovereign country, Western culture and its values define us as a nation and must be defended. Foreigners are extremely fortunate if they’ve been granted citizenship,  but that is only the beginning, new Americans have a tremendous responsibility to learn the language and practice the customs. They can demonstrate their gratitude by effectively contributing and publically expressing their new loyalty to the greatest fucking nation on Earth, The United States of America.