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The GOP Must Die

The GOP must Die

Enough already. America’s submersion into the frozen black waters of decay is hardly the democrat’s fault; they are simply capitalizing on this countries most impotent flesh mass, the voter. The GOP is this centuries Benedict Arnold, they are the self-professed keepers of conservatism and traditionalism. Right
They are not the alternative, but the accelerant, fanning the flames of progressivism. Arguments of mass inclusion are taking hold in recent weeks, just as I predicted. The party with which conservatives must hold their nose and vote for is fraudulent and must DIE!
With my blazing I.Q I had deduced the GOP’s nefarious agenda, also calculating it’s abysmal failure and the results there of. The puffy counterfeit GOP elite’s are now telling us we must seduce homosexuals, women, immigrants (illegal or not) and other leftwing causes if we ever expect to win the White House.
This will only serve to create a situation where an enormous amount of real conservatives stay indoors on Election Day.
Adopting every kooky leftwing special interest is no solution, yet sheople heads are beginning to nod nation wide. The republican’s can support gay marriage, amnesty, and abortion and it still won’t matter! The GOP can adopt every democrat crackpot policy and still garner no significant advantage; it’s a red herring.
By digesting the dubious democrat agenda the GOP will have consumed deadly poison, to which there’s no anecdote. The progressive elite governing this Nation realizes this and it may be the greatest hoax of my lifetime. When it already takes a high-powered microscope to differentiate between parties, how would mimicking the hedonism of the left succeed in advancement?
The republicans lost because they are the party of bloated limp wrist progressives like John McCain. Like southern fem-rod Lindsey Graham-cracker, smacking down Rand Paul’s filibuster with his carefully contrived “black helicopter” talking points.  The GOP is telling us all to be good little beta’s, this brings me to my analogy.
As men we are told to be sensitive emotional beings, praise the strength of woman, she is your equal. While you follow this advice your girlfriend will be screwing some guy who treats her like a PIG. The good news is you can always be friends with her BFF.
The GOP must be more selective and exclusive, following the RIGHT principles. Just like a women, the voter wants to be led. Our founders had elephant testicles and they didn’t apologize, they changed the world.


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Adder Puff