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Preserve Our European Heritage

The question is, who voted these evil women to office? They are just as culpable.

The disturbing decline of Western civilization was on display Monday night, fittingly it was acted out by four agents of anti-Americanism.

If our founders could magically glimpse into the future upon the four-horse faces of the apocalypse they would have immediately reconciled with old King George.

Four angry women of color struggled most unconvincingly to cover-up their utter contempt for this nation that was conceived and constructed by white males. Just their disrespect for the President was anti-patriotic. I have seen what I thought was cringey behavior before from Democrats, but this made every previous ranting impotent.

This rotten quartet doesn’t love, like, or even acknowledge the concept that America was built upon and they revile those, our treasured ancestors, who built it. The only America that they can stomach is a giant welfare state that unceremonially punishes white families for contempt.

These women are not capable of flourishing in a higher civilization, their DNA is of a conquered third world people and culture. Those are facts.

Unfortunately, the corrupt agenda-driven media will never ask the obvious questions and will continue to elevate these culprits at every turn.

Monday-nights shameless diatribe from the Legion of Doom Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Talib, and Pressley would have been analyzed for what it was, a racist vulgar assault on our President.

Omar doesn’t want the money that she could funnel to terrorist going to our homeland security.

Talib marginalizes the holocaust. Let’s be honest, this is Talib at her very best. What does she say when the camera isn’t rolling? Palestine, the country she loves and to whom she holds allegiance, is severely intolerant of non-Muslim religions. In Palestine politicians are corrupt and heartless, there’s abject poverty, women are treated like property, gays and tranny’s are shunned, and more dollars equal better life. What a fucking hypocrite. Finally, blacks are looked down upon in most Arab countries and Palistine is no exeption.

Ocasio-Cortez dumps on administration and America. As she is moments away from launching into an oscar-winning performance with crocodile tears and all, unfortunately for her someone fell out on the floor.


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