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The Enemy Within Part 2

As our fearless leader appeases his way through the Orient, the families of the victims at Fort Hood are left picking up the pieces of their broken lives. The massacre hardly made a blip on Obama’s radar, his administration is trying desperately to portray this as your garden variety slaughter, but for those of us with a brain, this attack is not so insignificant, no it’s enormous. This was a terror attack that probably could have been avoided, if not for our societies ingestion and acceptance of political correctness, the proper steps would have been taken long ago to imprison this slug.

The military is consumed by PC fear, liberals have been quite successful in their campaign for loathsome white guilt. They’ve created an atmosphere of tolerance for the intolerable. This sworn Islamic soldier penetrated our military, and with their careers in the balance, our guardians looked away, and for that 13 hero’s are dead.

Liberalism infects everything it comes in contact with. The liberal elites, like President Obama, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Nancy Pelosi and others take pleasure in controlling their naive left wing minions. The elite’s pander to this peace, love, and happiness crowd, making slaves of millions. They don’t believe in any of it. These are progressives in liberal clothing, sure they believe in abortion, not because it’s a women right, but because it controls the population and supports selective breeding, weeding out the less desirable.

They have been around since Roosevelt, these racist wealthy elites believe in a society of worker bees, while they keep fat and fed, they expect us to live by standards that they themselves can’t abide by. Obama scolded us for having our heat to high and cruising around in our uneconomical SUV’s, while he hosts hundred thousand dollar affairs in which they throw away more than we make in a month. Right now they are propagandizing class warfare, they tell us that these fat cats on Wall Streets are hording these outrageous bonuses while stepping on the neck of the working class, it’s a lie, Wall Street and the Obama work hand and hand, or should I say hand in wallet.

By creating class warfare, they hope to widen the gap between the haves and the have nots, with the grand design of an enormous uneducated welfare state of worker bees. They will control every aspect of our lives, and this is not just Obama and the liberal democrats, it is also the wealthy republican elites. They conspire to stamp out individualism, you see it already with their campaign for multiculturalism, much like Mao Tse-Tung who eventually retracted peoples names and just gave them numbers, they desire us to be cogs in the machinery. All these ridiculous social programs that they are implementing to indoctrinate our children and poor, are meant to cause a break down in the fabric of society, and when society fails we will be looking for the government, Martial Law will ensue. They are already collapsing our economy, that is the other part of their equation, when society and the economy fail we will have no more choices, we will have no more freedom.

Obama and his henchmen do not believe in the American spirit, the entrepreneur, or capitalism, these very traditional aspects to our nation make it impossible for them to control us. Why do you think they are pulverizing small business? The government imposes so many restrictions, they make it nearly impossible to start and maintain your own livelihood. They have made it so complicated with all this paper work, inspections, and certificates, most people fail or just give up. If and when you do succeed they will do everything in their power to suffocate you, taxes, workman’s compensation, health insurance, liability insurance. Etc. This is preposterous, but we were asleep at the wheel and inch by inch they stole our country.

Christianity is under attack and it’s not just Christians that should be concerned, the Obamamite’s and their media elites, and Hollywood left wing fringe are doing their best to marginalize Christianity. Why? Because Christianity is freedom, it represents a belief that transcends the bondage of this world and all its decadence and hate. Something bigger, something governments have been trying to capture for centuries, but have failed. They know the only option is to negate it. My wife watches all the criminal shows, I can’t help but once in a while to sit in on an episode. Within the last month I have witnessed Hollywood at work several times, portraying Christians as zealots or ignorant backwoods hillbillies. If they can succeed in brainwashing Americans into being ashamed that they are Christians, they will win. They want Christianity to be viewed as an antiquated superstitious belief, they mock it and dismiss it as an intangible gimmick; but Christians have tossed a little fuel on the fire by putting their faith in all these mega church superstars with million dollar mansions and sports cars.

These liberals are the enemy within, although they are not authentic liberals and the proper word would be progressive, they have chosen the liberal ideology as a host. If we don’t contest this hostel takeover, the American way of life will resemble a Marxist state. This travesty in New York is the Obama administrations “wink and a nod” at the Muslims it is trying so hard to appease. “Look, we are going to punish George Bush and his cowboys” This three ring circus is just what Obama wants to prove to the world he has saved America from itself. This will be a microcosm of the injustice to come. This extravaganza will thrust NY further into its debt laden spiral, while making it a prime target for violence.