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The Democrat Candidate Breakdown: Krazy Bernard

Bernie is dangerously close to Mayor Pete's rear, he may over-take him

Enthusiasm and hype swirl rapidly around Krazy Bernie, just take a look at his disheveled hair for proof. However, in the end, the hype is all that there is, a big over-flowing smelly bowl of artificial hype.

Lil Krazy Bernie

Bernies got baggage, it’s heavy too and soon his baggage will be tied tight around his pale chicken-like ankles, dragging his Jewish carcass to the bottom of the sea.

Bernies Baggage

  • He’s a decrepit old man
  • Beneath the wrinkles and his constant look of irritation lurks  a pale white complexion (the left hates whites, sometimes even Jewish ones)
  • He rubs blacks the wrong way
  • There have been rumblings of misogyny
  • Bernies a devout socialist, which means he’s a mini communist and probably a Russian spy(probably)

Bernies Obstacles with Minorities

The biggest obstacle to inhibit Bernie’s trolly-ride to the White House, besides the very anti-Bernie DNC, is going to be the severe lack of enthusiasm from the brown and black voting blocks. It should be the fact that he is a proponent of an enormous welfare state, however, the left has been conditioning young minds to hate themselves and the West, therefore they feel no shame towards a welfare state.

Sanders can’t give away enough free shit to get minorities to the polls, he may not be hip enough or just too old and white, but blacks and off-white people generally reject the burn.


 He’ll have to settle for the same young white retards, foolishly holding out hope that their college debt might be canceled. Sanders claims, among other things, that he will eliminate student debt, this alone is upwards of 1.6 trillion, trillion!

To most men and others with a functioning cortex, Krazy’s free health care, college, and total relief of college debt is a fairy-tale.

Bernie is damaged goods

Overall grade: C-