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The brief & shameless rise of the never-Trumper

Notable never-Trumper, Ben Shapiro

The Groyper War

The inability to resist the Jerry “Springeresque” trappings of the Groyper war is mildly distressing, its difficult to justify the fruitless expenditure of valuable time, I could be engaging in more practical activities like Mini Golf.

However, certain aspects of the conversation draw valid concerns, similar to those of the culture war that’s upending many Western nations.

As the drama unfolds between Nick Fuentes and Charlie Kirk, I realize that I couldn’t definitively support either side, perhaps, if the shit hit the fan,  Nick narrowly appears more favorable.

Although his schtick annoys me at times, I have slightly more in common with Fuentes than Kirk, who strikes me as effeminate and ambivalent toward the current white struggle. Kirk’s one redeeming quality is his support for President Trump and that should render any of his other cringe-worthy peccadillos irrelevant.

There’s little reverence in taking a defiant stand in a house that’s burning down around you!

Drunk Philosopher

It would be extremely favorable for supporters of the right not to overburden themselves with inner-party struggles, neither local nor national,  like the exploitive Groyper war. Differences frequently occur between factions sharing a similar ideology, it’s completely natural, especially as you age and begin to prioritize your positions by the degree of relevance.

I have always fancied myself a conservative, primarily a conservative republican, although I’m not exactly sure that it would be an appropriate label any longer. Today, I refuse to abide by every distinguishing element required of a conservative republican.

I’m no longer bound by every default Republican setting, for instance, voicing my aversion for the free-market, I can also passionately despise creeps like George Bush, Lindsey Graham, and the late John McCain, I can say that “it’s OK to be white and male, also  I don’t blindly accept the erroneous claims that cite  Israel as our closest ally.


The political landscape in2020 is more partisan than ever before, Democrats are almost entirely liable for creating this hostile atmosphere and the right can narrowly afford to become distracted by dissension in the ranks.

A rare and dangerous phenomenon occurred in 2016 when prominent figures from the right refused to support the only republican candidate in the general election, they were willing to abandon millions of party loyalists and subject the public to the horrors of a Clinton regime.

Heroic Stand or self-righteous Mutiny?

In retrospect, this was an elitist move, performed by establishment shills posing as selfless defenders of party purity. Initially, a gullible American public bought the never-Trumper narrative:

Never-Trumper Narrative

Forced to take a principled stand, these ideologues have been publically anchored to conservatism for years, in most cases. They’ve courageously rejected the people’s nominee, valiantly preserving their integrity with tremendous grit and chutzpah.

“disabled paraplegic who was engulfed in flames”

This, of course, wasn’t based in reality, the majority of these traitors wouldn’t piss on a disabled paraplegic who was engulfed in flames. The truth would gradually unfold and expose this movement of political martyrs as frauds driven by delusions of self-importance.

Never-Trumpers and Democrat partisans excoriated faithful Republican voters, branding them as intellectual midgets, swilling copious amounts  Budweiser while heckling minorities for fun.

The will of the people was later validated, however,  when establishment criminals like George Bush and his crusty old globalist Papi doubled-down on their defiant stance against our newly elected President. If you’re drawing the ire and condemnation of the Bush boys, you can’t be all that bad.

The corrupt media was more than willing to shower the turncoats with publicity, however, in doing so, never-Trumpers unwittingly revealed similar foibles, most notably an unflattering contempt for the “average Joe”.

One of these unsavory egomaniacs was  Ben Shapiro, a miniature man cursed to roam the planet as a nerdy weakling, however, no one will deny that Shapiro is an intellectual giant, buttering his bread by eviscerating the left’s radical army of social bizarro’s on college campuses across the nation.

Shapiro refused to vote Trump in 2016  and has definitively stated that he “will never vote for Trump”. However, the tiny Jewish never-Trumper seems to be tempering his righteous indignation as twenty-twenty approaches.

Ben’s motives are quite transparent, this is evident to even the dumbest kid in class and since Trump’s reelection looks highly probable, Ben instinctually changes tact,  he’s assessed himself as far too valuable to be branded with the hashtag #two-time loser.

I was right here since day one, fellas.

Shapiro, like most of the high profile never-Trumpers, expected Donald Trump to implode spectacularly and smugly dance upon the flaccid corpse. Unfortunately for Ben, President Trump has exceeded almost everyone’s expectations, thus forever spoiling Shapiro’s chances of being ordained a demi-god, contrary to his mothers insistence.