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The Breakdown of the Dem’s failed Candidates: Pete”butter-cheeks” Buttigieg

Don't sweat it, I have the Lil Wayne tickets safely in my briefs.

The candidates representing the Democrat Party in the latest primaries have broken so far left they’ve come to exemplify an alien political course , incompatible with the most basic principles of the United States.

Worse than that, Democrats are attempting to implement a culture so foreign from the first 240 years of this country, a majority of Americans would be absolutely disaffected to the point of sedition, were it to procure.

The Left’s New America

The Left, via the Democrat candidates, will assuredly implement an abundance of nation-breaking dichotomies within the American society, provided that they can win in November. 

Their unconstrained war against masculine white hetero males, in an attempt to neutralize any opposition to their genderless beta-culture, remains their most insidious venture. The remaining candidates that are duking it out in the primary, are an exquisite reflection of the lefts anti-white and anti-male bias.

Unfortunately for the Dems, every one of their candidates is severely compromised and will fail to measure up in the General Election. (complete losers)

Pete “butter-cheeks” Buttigieg

Pete “butter-cheeks” Buttigieg, an openly practicing sodomite with the boyish good looks of the lonely killer next door is giving Bernie a run for his small doner money.  Cheeks has checked all the boxes that are required to satisfy the culture of moral corruption, however, he falls way short(no pun intended) in the experience department.

Give me some sugar, momma.

Cheeks’ sole relevant accomplishment for POTUS is his brief tenor as Mayor of South Bend Indiana, which was marred with racist tendencies and the overt suppression of blacks. Pete’s tumultuous relationship with blacks, a significant Democrat voting block, makes him unelectable.

Since the 60’s Democrats have preyed upon blacks, creating a massive victim-class for which they supposedly champion, in return for a guaranteed vote. Pete cannot get elected without successfully being perceived to be able to elevate downtrodden blacks.

The bizarre relationship between Dem’s & blacks (metaphor)

The Democrats have a bizarre relationship with black Americans is akin to this: They will burn your house to the ground, under the cover of darkness and quickly bolt from the scene, only to then circle back informing you that this was the work of over-privileged whites from the burbs.


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