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The big machine: why Biden must be stopped

A vote for Joe Biden isn’t merely a vote against Donald Trump, in fact, it’s not even a vote for some harmless, crusty ole’ perv with obvious signs of dementia. Casting a vote for Joe Biden is, in fact, a public submission to the biggest, most corrupt, totalitarian apparatus ever to visibly bare its teeth in our young nation’s entire existence.

Big Tech

It’s become clear that the massive, unrestrained power and influence of “Big Tech” is pulling every string and silencing all descent, in order to preserve a narrative created to protect an utter slime-ball and further a sinister agenda.

The Media

The media is refusingto report any of the negative aspects surrounding Joe Biden and believe me, there’s a shit-ton of ugly and corrupt slime oozing behind him, a trail several decades long.

On the other hand, the media has devoted 24/7 news cycles to defame, misinform, and outright lie about President Trump.

Some will tell you, “Well at least the President has FOX News.” Well, FOX has failed drastically, to call attention to the rampant election interference by Big Tech and the Media, to that of criminal proportions!

I just hate Donald Trump

First, it shouldn’t be too shocking after all the erroneous bullshit that you’ve been guzzling down, however, being stupid or naive is irrelevant. A vote for Trump isn’t a republican vote or an anti-Biden vote, it’s a vote against Big Brother, Corrupt Government, and the Big Machine.

This is why you must vote Trump 2020


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