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The bear is back

The bear has a brand new set of claws and it’s very eager to see how they work. The formally black bear turned grizzly has financed its new found aggression with an economy booming with black crude, despite the new green enlightenment, I guess no one told them. As is the way with other new economic power houses like China and India the idea of domestic drilling was a no brainier.

While we slept in a politically correct induced coma, the Kremlin began fortifying it’s new position in the feeding order. If we continue to graze further from the ideals that made America great, we will never find our way back home.

America is being undermined by a new sentiment of anti-patriotism and the old rhetoric of socialism, led by Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. These two revisionist clearly believe that our military should be turned into the peace corps and that it’s better to play the erroneous green card instead of drilling for the oil that will free us from dependence on the very people who prey for our destruction.

Barack and Pelosi are smart little socialist, first they will remove any trace of our Judeo-Christian values, making government our new God, then they will finish vilifying the rich, until we believe there’s some reverence in being poor and needy.

While Americans continue to savor their poison soup, evil empires like Russia grow ever stronger and willing to flex their might. Through the diplomacy of Barack Obama, who insist that his brief experience in the Senate gives him the leverage in unconditional talks with tyrants, we will slip into weakness and mediocrity.