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The 3 P’s

Soon you'll have a Mexican little brother to play with, Jamaal honey. Get my beer.

Successful parenting requires that both adults are present, productive, and prepared, unfortunately, the three  P’s are not a prerequisite for raising a family in the United States. Giving birth to a child is absolutely voluntary, however, successfully rearing that child is a life long commitment and obligation for both consenting partners.

There is nothing romantic about two brain-damaged individuals that can produce offspring or so-called “babies”. There is nothing progressive about two anal technicians attempting to rear(no pun intended) a normal child, why make something already difficult even more statistically hopeless.

UHG! Fuck this Shit

If you are not prepared to sacrifice everything, including your own mortality, then you shouldn’t even be entertaining the notion of having a child, it’s not a fucking novelty.

Which sadly brings me to this, overhearing some young bimbo cackling to her girlfriends about how she recently discovered that she was knocked-up with some losers seed, some guy who happens to be in a relationship with another woman. She can’t wait to spit the little fledgling felon from her inclusive vagina and add another one to the collection, from yet another man.

This girl is obviously the product of yet another failed attempt at parenting in contemporary Western society. This young, unwed mother hasn’t an inkling of self-worth or even a clue as to what it takes to be a successfully functioning member of society.

One limp wristed opiate addict in the oven

Young females, like this human dipstick, are the depressing product of my generation, generation X and we resulted from the Baby-Boomers, the first generation to leave their offspring to be raised by the  TV while they were getting high and laid.

It’s a wonder that this chick even survived childhood without being electrocuted or falling into a bottomless pit, Millenials would be used as kindling for the prior generations of real men who didn’t piss while sitting down.

It’s easy to consider a desperate swan-dive from a tall building when you realize that young females like this will be responsible for birthing the next influential leaders of the Western World, but don’t give up hope.

No matter how faint, change is in the air, the overwhelming rejection of left-wing anti-whites was a telling prophecy over in Britton. If we each do our part to keep our culture, then we might have a chance.