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Stealing America

As our Supreme Court awaits the inevitable implementation of left wing social activist Sotomayor, I ask myself, “How much of this can we take? They are stealing America.” This tragedy is not unlike a violent car crash; your in the drivers seat, gripping the wheel, the tires are screeching, your life flashes before your eye’s, and no matter which way you pull the wheel your still being sucked straight into a giant Oak tree. Earlier this week, President Obama unjustly implied that the Cambridge police officer who arrested his friend, did so out of racial motivation, then the President convinced us that we were making a big fuss over nothing when it was proven that he was dead wrong.

Make no mistake, America is under an all out attack. This government run healthcare bill, is further evidence that Obama and his progressive ilk are determined to exploit racial divisiveness. In this 1000 page monstrosity, medical schools prosper financially according to a minority meter, the more minorities they train, the more likely they are to receive a grant. There is a great article in the American Thinker, “Racial preferences in the Democrats’ healthcare bill”, which exposes exactly where in the bill Obama believes the color of you skin equates to a monetary value.

The Obamacrats’ operate strictly within the guidelines of the Lil’ Stalin playbook, keep the citizenry segregated and ignorant in the name of empathy and social justice. How on Earth can you tell a child not to judge people by the color of their skin, yet reward a medical school for the color of it’s applicants. They have created an atmosphere wherein if your white and you complain about minority favoritism your a racist, if your black and you complain about it, your irrelevant.

Our representatives are jockeying for a place at the table, they are like a pack of wild dogs, kicking and scratching to secure their place on the teet of this over-bloated government. And these rabid canines will eat their young, they have long since turned on their masters and have begun to consume the livestock.

I witness this great nation disappear every time I converse with the “average” citizen; if they are not brainwashed by the all out liberal assault from the media and Hollywood, they are too indifferent to retard this wicked theft. Some of this nation is lost every time an armed black panther intimidates voters and its caught on TV, but never challenged. Some of this nation is lost every time I watch Matt Lauer interview Michelle Malkin and squirm in his seat trying to “objectively” defend the President, or every time I hear the president’s evil crony, Rahm Emanuel, divulge his plot to implement mandatory civil service. As this republic recedes into the weeds, it citizenry are quickly becoming victims of a most despicable crime, the theft of America, I pray it’s not too late.

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