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Election 2008, Barack Obama is elected. All of the hapless victims of change will finally be confronted with the reality of just what the “Progressive movement” really means. I can see it now, Nancy Pelosi, the hideous czar of the P.M., succeeding with her perverse molestation of the first amendment. Nancy, basically feels she should be able to abolish the views on talk radio that might be in contrast to her own agenda.With Gestapo tactics never running out of fashion, she refuses to let bills hit the floor for a vote, like the Freedom Act sponsored by Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) which received a resounding “No”

The Freedom Act is an antidote for the quasi-fascist ” fairness doctrine” that Pelosi so rabidly supports. The fairness doctrine will censor FM radio and reduce all of it’s controversial topics to watered down dribble. You see, I get the hunch that Nancy Pelosi doesn’t like the idea that a radio talk shows survival depends on the public interest and its support(ie.) if the public likes the show it will succeed, if no one listens to the show, it’s bounced.

That is just an example of where the democrats desire to bring this country, and I will go kicking. They believe that we are not intelligent enough to decide things on our own, they must make laws to teach us the proper way to think. We are restricted to the issues they think we are capable of understanding.

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and all the other left wing Dem’s want big government to do for the people what they can’t do for themselves, or more over, what the democrats want to convince us we can’t do for ourselves. Heaven forbid, the will of the people doesn’t align with their agenda. When we vote Obama into office you can bet there is a list of social agendas that will be imposed.

1. Liberal supreme court judges will be appointed. These judges will catch on to this hip new trend of over ruling the will of the people. (ie.) Cally fawn yah.

2. Gay marriage will go unabated and dismantle what’s left of the traditional American family, which, by the way has kept this county strong like none other.

3. Planned Parenthood will continue to steal our tax dollars to fund their lucrative empire, built by the bones of the innocent.

4. We will be taxed heavily for illegal alien health care. So if they injure a finger while murdering an innocent man and his sons again, we can flip the bill.

5. The government will install meters to shut off our heat and light if we go over the government’s determined amount.

6. Instead of supermarkets taking our cash, we will be given “Food cards” that will be capped at the amount of grocery we may consume or use.

7. Our vehicles will be customized with governors to regulate our speed and fuel consumption, if we exceed the alloted usage we will be fined.