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Smollett’s Flying DeLorean

In early 1989 Robert Zemeckis began filming the movie that would raise the cinematic bar to new heights. It was Back to the Future 2, the second installment in the Back to the Future Trilogy. Michael J. Foxmania was running rampant; at least it was in this guy’s house. This was Foxy at his most potent and decades before revealing his inner “leftwing loonie”. In this hit movie Marty McFly (M.J. Fox) returns home from saving his nitwit son only to realize that the space time continuum had been breached.
Apparently, when you travel back through time in a flying DeLorean you can disrupt the space time continuum simply by interfering with a predetermined event and its outcome. After returning back to beautiful Hill Valley, Doc Brown and Marty quickly discover that they have traveled to an alternate reality. In this new reality their once pristine white suburb is now a filthy crime infested ghetto.
Let’s apply this same logic to the unfolding media circus surrounding Empire actor Jussie Smollett and his impending fall from grace. On January 29 about 2 am Smollett reported that he was assaulted by two masked men he claims were white, both wearing MAGA hats and armed with bleach. Jussie was walking home from Subway when he heard “Empire, fag Empire nigger this MAGA country” he was then punched in the face which led to a “tussle”.
Needless to say the tale of two masked white men donning MAGA hats, equipped with bleach and a noose, in the wee hours of an 11degree Chicago morning drew obvious doubts. As of February 20th 8:40 pm USA Today is reporting that Jussie Smollett has been charged with disorderly conduct for filing a false police report about an alleged hate crime. (Yea now you use the word alleged)

Authors note: This is awesome, yeehaw!!

On February 14th under brewing suspicion, Smollett broke his silence to Robin Roberts of Good Morning America stating that if his attackers were Muslim, Mexican, or black then he’d be more believable to Americans. It is then that Smollett drops his educated deduction on viewers stating “that’s where we are at in our Country right now”. Oh really! I beg to differ. I believe we are at a “blame the white boy” place in our Country right now, here’s why…

Let us entertain the notion that Smollett was to get his hands on a flying DeLorean, like Marty McFly. “Roads? We don’t need roads where we’re going” – E. Brown The Empire actor is then able to cause a dynamic alteration in the space time continuum and the present is then altered. In this new reality Smollett forgoes his unfathomable recreation of the events, convincing America that he was accosted on that fateful morning.

The main stream media would loop endless montages of moral outrage from the left. Pundits would use this example to continue to validate the war on Trump and white men in general. The greatest debasement to the white race, left leaning whites, would be further endowed to shame Western culture. This would be one more endorsement for open borders, multiculturalism, reparations, reduction of historical monuments and every other anti-white issue of the left.

If a reality had existed that never exposed Smollett’s crime then we could be facing harsher consequences than just Joy Behar railing over and over that President Trump inspired this racist violation. If it had been warmer out then we could very easily be witnessing riots, I don’t know if blacks riot in the frigid cold. The fact that lives could have been ruined or even endangered hardly registered on Fussy Jussie’s radar. The fact that Smollett felt comfortable enough falsifying a police report describing white men in MAGA hats speaks volumes on contemporary America’s disposition.

As a direct result of a leftist mainstream media, decades of radical commies controlling academia, liberal Hollywood and lefty entertainers, then vomiting up any disgusting lie will be assumed true simply by prefacing them with white, male and red MAGA hat. Thank God disgraced actor Jussie Smollett doesn’t have a flying DeLorean in which case he will be prosecuted. It is only a matter of time before the liberal pop culture will revive his good standing. Who knows maybe they can still portray him as a victim.
By Hadrian6000