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SJW’s: Are they really warriors?

SJW, strictly a Western phenomena.

I’ll admit it, every so often when I’ve accrued enough empty minutes to guiltlessly engage in reckless juvenile abandon, I will serf through Youtube to find the hilarious public break-downs of hyper-emotional attention whores, the infamous social justice warrior.

Warriors they are not, maybe agitated weaner’s blowing off steam in the public square, possibly. Don’t get me wrong, if their panties get-in-a-bunch and they are in a safe space, they are capable of doling out severe disdain and concentrated scorn. However, I don’t believe that they qualify as warriors.

The reoccurring theme consistently drawing the ire and grinding the gears of an  SJW,  is usually some aspect of Americanism or Western society, such as heterosexual white men, traditional marriage, Donald Trump, fair elections, the rule of law, sovereignty, facts and logic,  and so-on.

Ironically, it’s difficult to imagine these dweebs surviving anywhere outside of the civilized West. They may not enjoy such unbridled freedom to slander the parent culture in many other nations, say in Africa or the Middle East.

 SJW’s have a strange affinity for the poor black and brown people of those distant locations, I wonder if their affection would be reciprocated or would they be raped and ground into an unrecognizable paste?

Actually, there are a plethora of authentic warriors that exist today, found throughout the planet, not necessarily competing on the bloody field of battle either. They exemplify the risk-takers, willing to spend it all both emotionally and physically, in order to force the desired outcome, based upon a valiant cause or belief.

The white Europeans that settled in America were true warriors, displaying unimaginable courage as they faced-down the violent reprisals from a ruthless world empire, Briton.

Modern warriors can be located throughout the ranks of our military or under siege guarding our border and protecting our sovereignty, they are men taking responsibility for their children and protecting them from the insidious culture of corruption.