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Single mom, Deadbeat Dad, and da Pale Gangsta

A lost generation?

Warning: the subject in this video is offensive, not for his vulgar vocabulary, but his consumption of precious resources and space.

There’s a very short list of tragedies more distressing than discovering you’re in the midst of a confused white kid who’s suffering the effects of an identity crisis. He’s adopted a cringeworthy urban façade, his pants dangle off his ass and he’s completely sold on the story of the“struggle” as narrated by the Rap Industry.

The parents responsible for this should be withering away into a fine dust, from shame.

This young shape-shifter dons the costumes worn by influential celebrities from sports and entertainment, he convincingly mimics hood-like mannerisms and vocabulary, I don’t know if blacks should be highly offended or sincerely flattered.

Some will argue that this form of black appropriation by an impressionable white kid is pathetic, I would argue that he, unfortunately, belongs to a growing sub-culture of mostly white young men, abandoned by their parents. They are lost.

Single Mom

On those rare occasions, when I’m forced to endure “Ghetto Speak” fluently spoken by a white wannabe hard ass, I feel myself becoming embarrassed for him, he certainly didn’t acquire this phony accent from within a functioning middle-class home.

Odds are that this “pale gangsta” wakes up to a chaotic household that’s being mismanaged by a single mother and she’s probably preoccupied trying to capture an alluring selfie for her updated online dating profile.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that this kid is doomed!

Unfortunately, even a moderately stable mother couldn’t provide an adequate solution to this tragic trend, she’s simply devoid of the proper biological attributes and rational intellect, she’s completely out-gunned.

A mother is endowed with unique characteristics specifically tuned to assure her offspring’s survival and greatest potential, however, the tools for playing dad are not in her arsenal.

A female that is forced, whether by shame, public pressure, or desperation, to strap on an artificial male appendage and pretend to accept a role specifically designed for dad,  does herself and the child a great disservice, and that’s on a good day.

Deadbeat Dad

Thankfully, this hip-hop  Ivory-baller will eventually grow out of his awkward and goofy meme phase, however, he is severely damaged and begins a new lineage of men incapable of surviving on their own.

Removing the mother and her blinding inadequacies from the equation, let us address pop’s, the co-conspirator, and sperm donor.  Chances are extremely perceivable, providing he’s white, that the father was weaned on a steady diet of classic rock or metal,  which strongly indicates that Jr. was lured to black music and his newly adopted identity to fit in with the crowd.

The self-loathing Dad

Some of the absent fathers have failed spectacularly to realize that their splintered family has had a deeply troubling effect on the child, many of these guys were rejected by the mother and stay consumed by resentment and self-pity.

This is the self-loathing dad, his child’s mother was probably banging some Cassanova, who promised the world to get in her pants and then suddenly fell off the grid, not many sane men desire a relationship with a potential single mother.

Why would he willingly open his door to chaos and unnecessary drama, assuming that he’s not terminal or masochistic?

This bio-dad, on the other hand,  is completely broken after that humiliation and couldn’t possibly offer his child anything worth mentioning, he’s inadvertently shirked his one fatherly responsibility, preparing the kid to dominate at life.

He’s young, He’s the future, and he has strangely adopted an urban persona.

My primary concern isn’t to degrade black culture, assuming that there is one, or to dissuade the preposterous claim that rap is a legitimate form of music, rather, my condemnation is solely directed to the expanding demographic of failing white parents and their contribution to the sizable sub-culture of rudderless white kids.

A parents responsibility

A child deserves support and attention, whether they were born into this world by two loving parents or the result of animal lust and a faulty condom,  their bio-folks are solely responsible for their existence 

 If you happen to be one of these parents that view success as keeping your kid quiet and occupied by whatever means necessary, allowing yourself to move unimpeded, you’re failing!

Children are not some novelty or possession to increase your self-worth and justify your consumption of precious oxygen, they are a life and their parents must make it an exceptional one.