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Silent March to Oblivion

The house is on fire, wake up!

Roman soldiers, driven by ravenous bloodlust and revenge cornered their enemy in a methodical house-to-house slay-fest, ensuring that no Carthaginian would ever dare challenge the Empire again.

Romanum imperium

The final humiliation came when Romans razed Carthage to the ground; the 50,000 that remained were dragged over the smoldering, blood-soaked soil and sold into slavery.

Some folks describe this battles conclusion as a merciless genocide, militarily eradicating a group of people and rendering them down to dust. However, the hostile disillusion and replacement of a culture is also genocide.

This is what’s happening to Western culture on a global scale, power-mad progressive elites have elected themselves the moral authority forcing these nations to house unwanted immigrants.

Middle-class whites in the United States are reacting lethargically, if at all, to this realization. The longer it takes for them to respond to forced multiculturalism, the fewer options they will have to counter this treacherous act of war.

This unnecessary influx of incompatible ideologies will change our nation inconceivably and threaten our liberties and our constitutional republic.

Unanswered political salvo’s from the Democrats has positioned middle-class white Americans frozen in the crosshairs of the vast and nefarious network on the left.

Cable news network’s are irresponsible and lack of objectivity, thinking that weather reports and sports scores legitimize their claim to be news and balance out their anti-American propaganda.

CNN exemplifies talking puppets, serving the Democrat left as
obedient dogs shoul

An authoritarian brand of political correctness on steroids has been unleashed by the radical left to weaken normal white society with a host of peculiar aberrations.

Middle class whites represent families that live by “original” American ideals, two-parent homes and a strong patriarchy. They emphasize with homosexuals, lesbians, degenerate criminals, the poor and the plight of third world nations, but without legitimizing or needing to feel responsible for them.

We don’t need any more immigrants in the United States and nothing in the constitution says we need to accept them. There is nothing racist about whites wanting to be the majority in their countries.

Eye Coruba, open thee door!

Refusing the homeless mobs of poor Muslims and Mexicans that refuse to speak the national language isn’t racist; it’s a biological compulsion to survive.

Immigration has become Democrat subterfuge, targeting middle-class whites, looking to break up their monopoly on self-determination and dismantle the white identity.

Why do Democrats and other ideologues of the left harbor resentment and hatred for average whites?       

Captain Soros

Answer: White people are generally independent and intelligent. They carry the DNA of history’s most prolific explorers fearless and immune to defeatist rhetoric. They’re born to be  conquerors, inventors, philosophers, and creators of civilized societies. These attributes make it difficult to subjugate white people.

The hierarchy opposed to whites is led by uber-wealthy globalist, cursed with appetites that hunger for more power and more control.

The globalist cabal is never satisfied and will do anything to fill the empty cavern left by their soul.

Radical Fem’s, LGBTQ, Black lives Matter serving the crusty old white elite

Democrats and globalist have altered humanity in consequential ways, preying on the troubled, the weak and the disenfranchised.

Blacks in America, for instance, would have inevitably superseded the growth that existed prior to adopting Western culture; instead, they have been convinced that they are victims of the West.

Where on Earth are black people more prosperous and respected than in America? It must be Africa, the continent referred to as the homeland by self-described African-Americans.

They’ve influenced a female movement that fancies themselves as the 2.0 or as the opposition to the patriarchy. Ironically, these militant feminist are serving the interest of a male-dominated globalist agenda.

Women are arguably the most significant actors to affect the cultural shift that the Democrats have to offer.

The cataclysmic after-shock from the feminist movement becomes glaringly evident as women drift further from their self-proclaimed former impuissant roles in society.

In their search for validation, they’ve left a behind a substantial cultural void creating both direct and indirect consequences.

Single parent households become more prevalent and children can’t adjust well to interim rosters of bush-league males, which biologically prefer their own children. This contributes to crime, mental illness, and a growing illegitimate birth rate.

The reaction to the debasement of America is a mere whisper, muted out by the crazed voices on the left. Middle-class whites primarily represent our nation but don’t seem to recognize the urgent need for action.

Will we march silently into oblivion?