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Shut up. Go Home

The audacity of you peasant slobs, shut your mouth and go home, how dare you question the supreme ruler, Barack Obama. Be afraid, both democrat and republican, be very afraid. The President Of The United States truly believes that he transcends the mere office he holds. He believes that he is a ruler.

Barack Obama will transform his deviant gang of thugs, ACORN, into the very same brown shirts that did Hitlers bidding. It’s begun, he will infest America’s town hall meetings with throw away bullies, because he wants violence, he is daring you. The currant administration have turned their back on us all, they relish the thought of these meeting turning bloody. That will create the crisis they need to implement more control.

Only by breaking down the fabric of this society, can these ravenous oligarchs seize this republic. Are we so pompous and ignorant, that we can’t conceive this government is doing the very same thing Stalin did in Russia and Hitler did in Germany? They are instituting a tyrannical dictatorship before our very eye’s. They will infuse racial tension, economic and social divide, in their grab for power.

Where are the republicans, or the so-called conservatives? It is not enough that they merely refuse to vote the President’s agenda. We need these people demanding that the public be heard, insisting in accountability. Barack Obama has flatly lied, but he’s shakin’ his fist at us and telling us to keep our mouths shut.

Nancy Pelosi accused town hall patrons of being Nazis, when in fact they are just concerned citizens who are desperately attempting to not lose any more freedom or basic liberties. Pelosi and some of these other liberal elites, look upon the general public as if we were animals, she almost looks surprised when she realizes we can spell. Even their brainwashed Eco-soldiers, are pawns to them, if there is anything you ever believe, believe this: the currant administration is not concerned with the environment, healthcare, or the economy. Barack Obama’s regime is only interested in power.

These people work for us, if your employee told you to keep quiet and get out of the way, you’d fire them. It’s time we leave a pink slip in all their offices, both the power thirsty liberals and the republicans who haven’t risked everything to stop them.


Adder Puff

Adder Puff