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Should Trump Silence Democrat-Owned Media?

Ted Koppel, of all people, was on to something, here.

(Below) When he isn’t sodomizing some trucker in a bathroom stall of a men’s restroom on I95, Donald Lemon is usually strapped into his vibrating chair at CNN, trashing Donald Trump, a President whom over 60 million Americans voted for.

Don “Gay-Juan” Lemon

(Below) Radical lesbian and quasi-journalist, Rachel Maddow, routinely bashes President Trump, this was one of her more cordial rants.

Rach Mad-Cow

(below) Rabid Donald Trump hater, Larry Odonnell, continuously slanders and demeans the President, on a scale that is perhaps unequaled. It wasn’t too long ago when Larry had to actually retract some of his vile anti-Trump rhetoric after being caught.

Lawrence Odonnell

This is just a small sample of the Trump-hating zealots in the media, their only concern is to trash our President whenever they get an opportunity, per direct order from their Democrat handlers.

The Coronavirus didn’t occur by accident, many would prefer the public to believe that the savage Chinese, who frequently dine upon filthy rot, such as snakes, intestines, rats, and feces or endangered species, mistakenly spread the virus…

Sources say that the Coronavirus is a bio-weapon, intentionally used by the Chinese military. With that said, per order of Democrat officials, the media intends to manufacture and spread fear, praying that it will damage Trump’s bid for reelection. This will certainly cause unnecessary deaths and panic amongst Americans.

Should Trump invoke executive privilege, like other Presidents, have done in a time of desperation and censor the insidious subterfuge being pumped out from irresponsible cable news shows, bent on creating hysteria?

Silence the REAL Virus

You can’t silence me, I’m part of Don Lemons gay concubine