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Preserve Our European Heritage

The United States has given Ilhan Omar and her family a free lift out of hell.

Somalia is located in the Horn of Africa and is subsequently one of the world’s shittiest countries. It is more a land of lawless savages than it is a nation. It’s a vast collection of societal dregs that are low functioning individuals incapable of existing together as a fruitful society.

Somalia has almost no infrastructure or legal system; most people rely upon handouts from foreign nations to muddle through existence. It is a violent country rattled by car-bombs and governed by the brutally repressive demands of sociopath warlords.

The Islamic cell Al-Shabab terrorizes the primitive civilians of Somalia with deadly bombings and forceful abductions. The stifling heat from being so close to the equator is the final ingredient of Somalia’s conversion to the seventh ring of hell.

What somebody wouldn’t give to be rescued from this shit-hole. All you need to do is ask Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. In 1995 the United States welcomed her and her family into the greatest Empire to ever exist. The United States was forged by the irrepressible will of its founders, aging hetero white males from Europe.

The bomb was this big

I am sure that Omar is still very much overwhelmed by the stark contrast of her new home compared to Somalia, but you couldn’t discern that from the way she criticizes it. Now, she can be seen pompously roaming the congressional halls and critiquing America with every opportunity that arises.

I think everything aptly fits when the crowd at a Presidential rally begins to chant “Send her home”. There was nothing more to this than a reactionary response to an ungrateful lady who is disparaging a benevolent Nation. Omar also has zero regards for the fallen soldiers who’ve cashed in their lives to purchase the freedom to be an asshole without getting your face blown off.