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Romney at NAACP

It wasn’t anymore or any less than I assumed it would be. Romney speaks to the NAACP with the expectation of just coming out alive, politically unscathed. For the most part he succeeded, Hoo-Ray, good stuff. For this American, the fact that the NAACP even exist or that a Presidential candidate would have to placate this racially divisive group, really exposes the sad shape of this great nation. By now every educated person of any shade or color would have to agree, that if this were the gathering of The White People For White Advancement (W.P.W.A) liberals across the land would have their skirts in an uproar.
Had I had the good fortune to speak for Mitt, I would have definitely taken advantage of an opportunity to address this fine organization. When the NAACP was started by three whites, blacks across America routinely found themselves the victims of racism and bigotry. Without an immense support from several prominent Jewish people the NAACP arguably would not exist today. Progressive opportunist and bigots nationwide should be extremely grateful. For decades democrats had done their best to segregate and oppress the people of color, with the birth of the NAACP they succeeded with a ringing endorsement.
Today the NAACP are the handlers, the movers and shakers for the white progressive agenda. Held captive are millions of unsuspecting blacks, forced to vote democrat and made to do the bidding of a socialist anti-Republic movement. Under the guise of solidarity and support, racist organizations like the NAACP have been allowed to flourish in The United States. For hundreds of years progressives have realized the way to manipulate and control is through division and suppression. The formula of creating crisis, victimization, fear and poverty has been successfully implemented by the American democrat party, but is hardly original.