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Rick Warren

And so another stoic Christian leader wilts under the bright light of day, Rick Warren shame, shame, shame. Well maybe not the light of day, but definitely the incandescent glow of Hollywierd. Last night I had the opportunity to hear Mr. Warren say he’s never been and never will be an anti-gay marriage activist. Then he proceed to ramble on about the much more pertinent projects he focused on, blah blah blah.

Unfortunately Rick, who claimed to be an supporter of Prop 8, just a few short weeks earlier, crumbled under the pressure that appeasement so often brings. Warren had to explain to his gay friends that he wasn’t one of those narrow minded right-wing Christian Nazi’s, you know the ones that give him and his mega church all its obscene profits.

If our religious leaders continue to placate every special interest group to avoid controversy, we will find ourselves on the same sinking ship that our government is currently chartering. We will lose our identity, and when we do, you can bet we will never recover, never. Our government absorbs the emotional distress from every squeaky wheel, as not to let anyone feel uncomfortable; the more they accommodate the individual fringe, the less recognizable our nation becomes.

As Christians we have a responsibility to Jesus, we are not politicians who need to kiss babies and promise better jobs and create affordable health care. The message is clear. The secular left has manipulated and brainwashed folks to believe that they should be ashamed and re-educated if they find themselves uncomfortable with irreverence and moral degradation. The sad fact is it’s working!

Some may reckon that I shouldn’t be so critical of Mr. Warren, and maybe they are right. However, when I read about the atrocities inflicted on fellow believers in China, Pakistan, and Africa, I become inspired to hold myself to a standard.