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Responding to a Fat Lady

Fat people are not a protected class, they are feeling dreadful pain inside.

I was reading an article on Medium today, a woman was describing herself as fat and complaining about the reaction that she received on a plane. The further I read into the self-inflated sob story the more I began to picture some gluttonous sweat-hog inhaling a large vat of some rich custard dessert.

I’m beautiful inside

I envisioned her thick sausage fingers swiping every remaining morsel from the sides of the bowl as she bitched about the uncomfortable size of airline seats.

It was then that the thought of an obese person who was claiming to belong to a protected class sounded so obnoxious, I grew increasingly apathetic.

I decided that this “body proud” woman needed a dose of the truth and here is what I wrote:

It’s a cruel world and unfortunately, it is populated with miserable people. I feel bad for anyone who’s mistreated by insensitive creeps, however, my overwhelming pity is reserved for people that have no control over their disability.

I cringe when people born with a physical impairment are ridiculed and maligned by some punk because they are different. I also despise those that mistreat the elderly, they are helpless in most cases and must endure the abuse.

Being fat or obese is certainly no reason to be picked on, but there are millions of people who aren’t fortunate enough to be able to change their inadequacy with sacrifice and self-discipline.

For this reason, I am sharply opposed to the “plus-size” movement. It is selfish and unreasonable to expect hard working people to retool the societal infrastructure to accommodate people who refuse to be uncomfortable.

Yes, dieting is difficult for many fat people, especially when that fat person believes that gluttony is an entitlement. People are really suffering out there and need help if they could change their miserable existence by moderately exercising and taking charge of their life I am sure they would.



Adder Puff

Adder Puff