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Relying on the Race Card

Dat's Racist!

The dark undercurrent beneath this seemingly innocuous interview is quite apparent as Steven A. Smith and his cohort Marcus Spears suggest that if Dak was white, like former QB Tony Romo, he’d have been paid by now.

Both of these hosts, who are black, fail to mention that Dak was surrounded by offensive weapons last year and still only managed to produce a so-so outcome, 8-8.

Just because they paid Romo, who at the days end panned out as slightly above average, doesn’t mean that they must cave to Dak’s outrageous demands.

They offered the 26-year-old quarterback 105 million, guaranteed! Prescott and his new agent scoffed at that offer and they have every right too, however Jerry Jones, the owner, also has every right to say, “Enough!”, without Smith or Spears dragging out the race card.

Arbitrarily pulling out the race card, in every insignificant instance will only water down the accusations’ effectiveness. The losers in the US Congress might get their skirts ruffled, seeing they use it so often.