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In hopes to educate fellow Christians, I have begun my own Ministry, dedicated to the millions who suffer in silence for their unwaivering belief in Christ, the persecuted. Earlier this month I learned 79 year old Shuang Shuying, held in a Chinese prison, had been desperately holding out hope to see her beloved husband once more before he passed away. Chinese authorities refuse to let her visit with her gravely ill husband, even though she is scheduled to be released fairly soon.
This is one of the numerous prayer updates that my ministry discusses. I believe all Christians have a responsibility to aid their fellow believers who face the injustice of brutal oppression for Christ. The persecuted risk their mortal lives for a service most of us have a hard time staying awake for. I am convinced that their plight puts important perspective on our blessed freedom.
I recently had the fortune to speak with a representative from Voice of the Martyrs. She agreed to do a presentation for my church, so I met with my Pastor to discuss the details. To my surprise my pastors response was less than enthusiastic, matter of fact he questioned whether any of his congregation would even want to show up. He gave me the “It’s great in theory” shrug and then told me that I should prepare Stephanie for a low turn out. “People have a lot of things to do and the weather hasn’t been that great.” He says.
Unfortunately, my Pastor isn’t the only church leader who wasn’t informed that his job is to lead and inspire his congregation. Earlier this week I paid a visit to my local Catholic Priest, inquiring whether he would partake in a prayer rally. After he concluded that I wasn’t there to lure his faithful flock into my Protestant army, he dismissed my request much in the same way my church leader did, he couldn’t waste his time.
In 2009 we need to hold our church leaders accountable, if nothing else. We undeniably dropped the ball on our elected officials, hence the new corrupt socialist regime. We are blessed, at this moment we are not victims of beatings, rapes, and acid baths, for our beliefs. It is imperative we have strong religious leaders.
Amazing Facts: Unbeknownced to our pop culture media:

1.Christianity is the most persecuted religion, restricted in over 50 countries.
2.In several countries there are legitimate laws making conversion to Christ punishable by death.

Where are the left wing lunatics, crying genocide about the few Palestinian casualties, when millions of Christians are murdered, maimed, and brutalized every minute?