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Religious or Christian?

There is a striking difference between being religious and professing to be a Christian. I would like to use a political analogy to amplify this difference, because I think it is very important to discern, the two. Being religious can be equated to presidential hopeful Barack Obama, he claims to have spiritual faith, although I’ve yet to hear him reference Christ the lord. Mr. Obama, by all accounts is very religious, he has patronized one of the top Christian churches in America, Trinity United church…. Oh, of Christ.

Although they are not much for praising the word of Jesus, they do have a fondness for Muslim radical Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan has brought us such uplifting sermons such as kill whitey and America should die, I am paraphrasing of course. The Trinity United is commonly referred to as a black church, I’ve see the outside of it and I’m miffed as to that reference. Any who, Mr. Obama avidly supports the termination of an inconvenient fetus, him too? I am quite certain Christ would not call an unwanted pregnancy a punishment.

Barack Obama is very religious but, I am sure he is not a Christian. The whole premise for being a Christian is the idea you strive to be Christ-like. There are beautiful multi million dollar churches that organize services to pray to their higher power, but unless that power is Jesus, you’d only be religious. Some religious people even claim to be Christians, but like Barack Obama, they subscribe to a few things that wouldn’t be labeled “Christ like” Such as homosexual marriage, abortion, racism, discrimination, and stuff like that. Another good example of religion is Alcoholics Annonomys, they pray to a “higher power” they don’t want to specify the Christian religion anymore because it might alienate some one trying to get sober. Heaven forbid they find out the serenity prayer is from the bible and the twelve steps are built by beliefs in the bible, shh I won’t tell anybody.

There is nothing wrong with being religious, I mean yes, there is no consolation prize for almost believing in Christ. And yes, you have the chance of an atheist to get into heaven, but don’t sweat it you’ll be politically correct. Christianity is a religion, just like Hinduism, Buddhism, liberalism, liberalism? There are allot of sub categories to the word religion. It does not describe one cognitive contention, such as Christianity. Religion is a faith based law, an inspired ritual based on a belief.