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Rainbow Bullies

When I initially discovered Prop 8 had successfully passed, I knew that my rejoicing would be short lived. It wouldn’t be long before our pop culture media would deliver its epitaph of democracy; it wouldn’t be long before the victims of morality took to the streets shouting their disgust for organized religion.
Not so surprisingly Fox news reported on a Christian who was accosted by a heckling group of gay and lesbians. True to form, these homosexual bullies went straight to the toughest guy in the yard, an elderly lady with a replica of the cross Jesus died on. A spirited gay man ripped the cross from her hands and stomped on it, while others fiercely chastised the woman.
From there, I was sure that this posse of unruly and oppressed rainbow people, would shuffle on down to the black neighborhoods. 70% of blacks voted for the proposition of marriage being defined as a contract between a man and a woman. It never happened.
Apparently, homosexuals do not protest in black neighborhoods, in front of mosques, or in the Hispanic neighborhoods. They seem to only feel comfortable attacking elderly white woman. Just when we believe we have come so far. In November America resoundingly said, “Yes” to implement the first bi-racial/post racial man into the White House. Didn’t the rainbow people get the memo?