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Progressive Lies & Liberal Zombies

Progressive lies and Liberal Zombies

Poor unwitting democrats, they voted for Barack Obama because they were for the most part inundated with mistrust for Bush, by an unrelenting biased media. Now woken from their slumber, they are joining republicans and independents in these tea party affairs. They are afraid too! Why not, they are of sound mind. They see this gargantuan government mortgaging the futures of our children. They are also in tune to the fact that this government has imposed its tyranny against the will of the people and maybe for the first time they are feeling what common sense patriots have been feeling all along, government kills!

Although I am not a democrat, I must confess my respect and enthusiasm for the modest percentage of them that has decided to put principle in front of party, is authentic. Most democrats believe that the government is responsible for educating the US citizenry as well as providing healthcare, employment, financial assistance, and other creature comforts. I believe that people can hold this belief and still be of sound mind and even pro American, I don’t believe we should label these people as socialist, although our founder’s would certainly disagree.

I am blessed with a big loving Italian family, of which 98% have never voted anything but democrat. This is giving me a front row seat to the tremendous turmoil the D’s are going through. These people never signed on for what has become of the party, and those of them that are starting to pay attention are frightened. My grandmother has been taught to believe the old euphemism that the republican party only stands up for the rich and walks on the backs of the poor, maybe to some extent that is still true. However, she finds it hard to fathom that the party who produced her icons like JFK could possibly subscribe to enviro-fraud, racism, corruption, and dudes marrying dudes, kiddy porn, and the rest of the liberal ideology.

It wasn’t until she wiped the sand from her eye’s and tuned into the alternative media,and the few other people who refused to be suppressed by the powerful progressives, that she awoke. For almost one hundred years the progressive machine has been constructing it’s path to an alternate America, using its liberal legions to bump and derail us, directing us to destruction. The democrat party that my grandmother knew wasn’t intent on disemboweling Christianity, disarming our military, slaughtering our own soldiers with impossible rules of engagement, teaching our children liberal corrupt world views in school. Are you kidding, that typical crazy white woman still thought that they said the Pledge of Allegiance in class!

Progressive’s could care less about their liberal brethren, they are simple pawns, they are the disposable army. Peace, love, and fairness! Yeah! Progressives aren’t as stupid or just plain blinded by utopian ideology like their liberal zombies. Liberals can’t see past their nose, they actually believe disarming the world from nukes will bring us peace. In fact, ridding the world of nukes would send us into an irrecoverable tail spin, a power struggle vortex, with some of the bloodiest conventional warfare mankind has ever seen.

Progressives are using these small minded so-called do-gooders to do their bidding, if liberals knew who they were in bed with (Fascist) they would hopefully run for the hills. Liberals don’t seem to be smart enough to comprehend that a successful society must be built on a strong foundation of moral fabric and limited government reach. The whole liberal ideology is flawed with holes and contradiction, they support these harebrained schemes like gays in the military, nuclear nonproliferation, violent criminal rehab, endless government spending, no drilling, on and on. All this without a thought to the damage these dilemmas cause or the cost. A liberals world revolves in such a primitive and naive bubble. If they were to move to half of the Marxist countries they admire, they would be beaten, killed or jailed.

The liberal used to be a free thinking person, much like a libertarian. The progressives, however, stealth-fully highjacked the name and gathered the lunatic fringe under that moniker. The lefties have waged an all out war against America, do you realize some of our finest hero’s are being terrorized for protecting America? Do you realize just what terror these liberal zombies have unleashed?

Let’s take our Navy Seals, these are young men and women who excel to be the best of the best, they are going into battle, dying, knowing that they in some cases will leave their new born babies and beaus with just a memory, if they fail. Well thanks to Liberal doctrine, three of our Seals are going to trial for roughing up one of the most venomous terrorist ever caught alive. Captured on the battlefield he is lucky to be alive, this American hating Islam slug, masterminded the brutal humiliating demise of four Blackwater workers, after their murder they were dragged through the streets, corpses burned, and hung from a bridge for all our loving Islamic brothers to spit on and rejoice over. When the Seals caught this guy they allegedly punched him. The fact that they resisted beating this worm into a bloody pile of excrement, only shows their resounding character.

Let us also take a look at a few more examples of what the progressive masters and their liberal zombies are doing as they digest our nation into the bowels of the beast. Look at our border with Mexico. The Governor of Arizona was forced to sign a tough immigration law, because President Obama Lied about engaging in and relieving some of the mounting eruption on the southern belly of this nation. Obama and the feds are sitting on their collective hands, while ranchers are being murdered by criminals forcing themselves illegally over the border. Unreported mass kidnappings and other violent crimes are being perpetrated on Southwestern Americans, without a whisper from the government owned media, ABC, CBS, CNN, blah blah blah, and the kings of all bias and treasonous incompetency, NBC: The Nation Barack Cheerleaders.

Zombies are rioting down there, programmed to shout down the governors law with chants of pending profiling and racism. First of all the only people who adamantly oppose profiling are either zombies, criminals, or the occasional person who is inconvenienced by being pulled over because because they match the description of a perpetrator. Big deal. Let me give you a wake up call, lefty. The police who use racial profiling to harass and demean minorities, would still be doing so with some other tactic, there’s bad everywhere. If we can save one innocent life with this new law, it’s worth the inconvenience of “showing your papers” Not to mention, the law doesn’t create racism, it will always be there, this law will change nothing in the way of curbing bigotry.

What most of the “Average Joe’s” are not privy to is the outrageous miscarriage of coverage intentionally done by the media. The evening new’s shy’s away from the epidemic of crime in minority neighborhoods. It keenly overlooks the rampant drug and violence infestation throughout the urban black and Hispanic community; because these white liberal racist don’t feel minorities are capable of much else without the government, thus making the violators victims. The media tread lightly on anything that might suggest our inner cities are anything but a cesspool of sin, Sodom and Gomorrah, and a microcosm of the underclass social debauchery that elite progressives have devoted their lives to see them be.

The progressives elites like Woodrow Wilson who believed those “niggers” were second class citizens, would love to see what his ilk has done to the African American and black community today. Under the guise of giving a “hand up” through discriminatory social adjustment, elites knew it would surely become a “hand out”. Unwittingly liberals zombies have enslaved minorities, by stealing much more than their physical freedom, like their pride and soul. Now the cities are bleeding out so bad, liberals will be convinced that only the national guard can resolve this problem. The progressives want the national guard in every city.

The liberals continue to dissect any resemblance of traditional family values in the inner city, while the government continues to pump drugs into poverty riddled neighborhoods. Let’s face it The United States could obliterate illegal drug trafficking, in specific places they have with pin point accuracy. The American government controls the narcotics flow into this country, but just like so many other dirty little secrets, any conversation about this issue draws shouts of conspiracy and hidden men on the grassy knoll. The fed’s allow the drugs in, they allow them to be sold, the inner city police are in a losing battle because of the culture that the liberals have so craftily created in urban America. They’ve convinced most minority communities that freedom from drugs and gang violence is beyond their control, they convinced people that the color of their skin trumps common sense and values.

The question is…. Are you a liberal zombie? Are you a democrat? Democrats must take back their party and put ideas above ideology, principle above party, truth and common sense above pride and deception. You can be a patriotic democrat and not believe these progressive views:

1.We must reconstruct American history in elementary school to coincide with our modern Marxist agenda.

2.We must convince African Americans that color comes before personal identity, value, and it defines their self worth.

3.We must program Hispanics to believe that the American dream is impossible for them to attain without our intervention. (Progressives have had a century to pummel the African American community into disarray and submission. They will not be able to roll over the socially conservative Hispanic as easy as they believe. Most progressives determine anyone with a tan to be a dim animal, however Hispanic values and their 90% Christian culture will be a huge hindrance as long as they can not be persuaded by the old “conquer and divide” method of sleazy progressives.)

4.We must infuse a world view and sense of entitlement into academia, we will teach the children that their parents, values, and identity are primitive ideals in the new world. We must teach them that their allegiance is to the world and it’s sanctity.

5.We must continue to conquer and divide. Teach blacks that they are special because of the color of their skin (contents of character?) Teach them that their allegiance to their color far out weighs their individuality, do this by ostracizing dissenters and free thinkers.

6.We must preach to minorities that we are the party who believes everyone is the same, yet keep them believing that they are different and perceived as second class citizens.

7.Destroy the country from the inside out, in order to level the playing field. We must override the will of the populace because we better educated.

8.Christianity is the last bastion of liberty, individual freedom, and distension to government. We must use the media, teachers, and policies to crush the Christian world view. Christianity guided the first American revolution to victory (look at Rev. Muhlenberg) This from the website Founding Fathers: Much of Pastor Peter’s teaching in Virginia was upon the principles of liberty; as though he were a prophet of old he inculcated and prepared his congregants for the winds of change, preaching for the cause of his country. Finally, in the cold of January 1776, Peter Muhlenberg delivered his farewell sermon, to his congregation, in Woodstock, Virginia. With sword beneath his clergy-robe and cockade upon his hat, Peter took the pulpit and in the language of the book that he knew so well, the Holy Bible, he said “there was a time for all things, a time to preach and a time to pray, but those times had passed away; that there was a time to fight, and that time had now come!” Promptly Pastor and military leader Peter Muhlenberg threw aside his clerical vestment and stood before his church in full uniform. Three hundred men from those several churches under the Pastoral care of Muhlenberg volunteered that day to fight for freedom in the Revolutionary Army. In February 1777 he was appointed Brigadier General, Muhlenberg led the raid on Yorktown and he and all of his men endured injury; In addition, at the close of the war, he was promoted to the rank of Major General.

Christian’s believe in individual freedom and worship God, not the state, they are progressive enemy number one!

Join the revolution. I await your comments and need your feedback. If you believe that this country is under assault and you want to change it, join the revolution. Say, “I am a revolutionary, and proud of it!”


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