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Pro-life except when…..

If your pro-life except when... Your not pro-life, deal with it.

I typically don’t write much on the abortion subject, however, the GOP’s reaction to Alabama’s recent virtual ban on abortion has alarmed me greatly.

For what seems like eons, Republican’s have fervently professed their disdain for abortion, preaching ad nauseam that the fetus is a life. Regurgitating that position in new and exciting ways to keep their constituents in the game.

Alabama has violated the sacred “three” deeply ingrained in Republican vernacular, incest, rape, mother’s health.

This logic is absurd, it is extremely flawed and actually, it causes me to retain some serious reservations.

If one believes that the fetus is a life, a sovereign entity, and as such argues that aborting one at any stage is equivalent to murder, it’s the taking of a life. Then why is it any less of life in the cases of incest and rape?

Republicans also acknowledge that exterminating a down syndrome baby violates this moral law as well. That would be nasty eugenics.

I realize that taking a rape/incest baby to term has psychological ramifications for the mother, probably equal to the actual crime itself. This is just one of the cruel ironies of reality, however, life is a life.

Pro-life advocates can’t modify the value of life in certain instances because it doesn’t poll well with voters.

Biggest loser Mittin’s Romney was on CNN publically opposing Alabama’s new abortion law, “I’m pro-life except in instances of rape and incest”.

Do you know how retarded that sounds? What if  I say,  “I’m pro-life except in instances where the mother can’t financially support a baby.”

Then why can’t I say that I’m pro-life, except when the mother wants a different gender, a different color, or at a more convenient moment in her life.

You’re not pro-life with fucking exceptions! Either your pro-life or your not, it’s that simple.


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