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President Pete Buttigieg

Mayor Pete is an imposing figure, look out Putin, look out.

His names are Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg; he is the Mayor from South Bend aspiring to capture the American Presidency, the most powerful office on Earth. Pete, the two-time Mayor that failed to become an Indiana State Treasurer, Chair of the Democrat National Committee, and failed to settle down with a woman, thinks the next logical step is to become President of the U.S.A.

Pete lost in a man love moment

Although nothing in his bio suggests an addiction to mind-altering substances, some perplexing energy fuels Pete’s delusional belief that he remotely qualifies for the office of President.

Pete, an openly practicing sodomite, married his male lover in 2018, a guy by the name of Chasten Glezman. In the traditional role of the female, Chasten took his new husband’s last name, officially becoming a Buttigieg.

Mayor Pete giving his ” I don’t take shit” pose.

Now Pete does have some experience in brokering peaceful solutions for potentially volatile situations, most notably when he was asked for advice by an 11 year-old-girl about bullies.

“Everybody who’s different can be bullied,” Buttigieg answered. “And the secret is, everybody’s different in some way.”

Mayor Pete

Perhaps my initial sentiments regarding the Mayor were slightly harsh; it seems I’ve prematurely concluded that Pete was making a mockery of this distinguished office. I was convinced that he was taking advantage of a time when the media is under the strict control of high ranking Democrat officials and directed to promote his campaign.

Mayor Pete may be ready to solve the historic crisis between Israel and Palestine; he certainly resolved that girls issue with bullies.

Also American’s have wandered into an age where millennial’s wield a lot of influence, this is a valuable phenomenon for Mayor Pete’s campaign.

You see, millennial’s are mostly unscrupulous, weak powder puffs that were spawned by the baby-boomers neglected offspring.  They were unfortunately raised by effeminate men who couldn’t keep a woman and were preoccupied with avoiding emotional discomfort.

Millennials are renowned for giving “street cred” to openly practicing sodomites, the fact that Mayor Pete engages in the un-natural practice of naked man love gives him an edge with this broken generation.

Perhaps, this is why Mayor Pete may be redecorating the White House in 2020.