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Killing Us By Degrees
Hello. My blog has recently undergone some critical changes, the first of which is the co contribution from fellow author Dax. The second third fourth fifth sixth and so on have been structural and creative, directed toward our sole intent of publishing interesting essays of truth, bias, hate, fear, honest reasoning, and unfiltered observations of which supposed free men are at liberty to express.
As of June 1st the official rebirth will have entirely taken place. The name of my blog will remain unchanged. ( after endless heated debate ) and here’s why…..
For decades now, Americans have been digesting an ugly, subversive, and suicidal narrative hidden deep within their spoon-fed farina. This has manifested into the birth and manufacturing of what some refer to as the “low information voter”. For those of you that are unfamiliar with this quasi accurate label I will explain. If you view the T.V show “Criminal Minds” on a regular basis, you’re most likely an L.I.V. As a matter of fact television viewers in general have a great propensity to be a “low info Voter”. However these shows are extremely telling, The View, The Talk, CNN, MSNBC, C.S.I(all), network news, cable news, and yes Fox news.
Here is the break down “laymanized”. The vast majority of American’s who vote or claim to vote receive their information from cable T.V, local print, or people dumber than themselves. Unfortunately at best it is greatly inaccurate and at worst it’s nefariously orchestrated and produced propaganda.
The culture has been saturated with this bad propaganda for decades, both from the left and from the left’s version of the right. Academia, pop culture magazines, movies, activist, government, and the list goes on. I will come clean, as embarrassing as it is to admit, I myself was a dedicated Fox viewer and rabid ditto head. This was the only narrative I knew, so let me relate something to you, it’s an analogy of sorts.
When I was a young boy I would impatiently anticipate visiting my grandmother on every second Sunday. This was not only my escape from a horrifying daily existence, but time spent at grandma’s would assure me that something greater was attainable. My gram’s would roast gigantic carrots for me, in the old gas oven, they were as long as my arm. Stepping out of my grandfathers old Chevy Nova, we called the “jalopy” I could just smell the carrots, the old house, and the fresh air of the country.
What I’m getting at is that until this very day if any of those sights or smells are detected by my senses, I instantly envision my childhood. Deeply engrained in me as well as most humans are the sensations that accompanied our growth into adulthood. Also the associations we form, the information we learn gossip or truth slowly becomes reflex as we age. As human nature goes we hardly question anything at all, from adolescence we are told “because that’s the way it is”. American’s have become conditioned, we have artificial reflexes that have been implanted through auditory, visual, and kinetic propaganda.
For instance if I say fagot, nigger, Jew, chink, Jap, or gook, I will receive a conditioned response and most likely that response will be condescending at best and violent at worst. Over the last few decades humanity hasn’t changed but as I can now see, our programming has, let me show you. When I was young the few people who received free lunch at school did so inconspicuously and with caution. Most of those who qualified for free lunch preferred to go hungry than to risk the shame of exposure. In those not so distant years children innately detested government hand outs and just as innately ridiculed its recipients. This used to be a motivator to pick yourself up and change. Today under the ruling classes narrative the only acceptable shame that should be dispensed is upon of those who still believe government handouts are for losers.
For me the truth finally became clear when I realized that my natural thought and common sense were being sacrificed for political correctness. My best example would be my views on homosexuality. My position is that homosexuality is a disgusting and UN-natural act, it might even be an undiagnosed illness. Now, that is my honest thought and feeling on the act of homosexuality. In today’s ruling thought police state my views mean I am a hateful and ignorant oppressor and what’s frightening is I almost accepted that label. However the truth is that I love and respect my fellow humans regardless of color, race, or sexual preference. I despise any good person being harmed emotionally or physically, in this aspect I’m almost faggy.
So here it is, common sense dictates that I can associate vomit and uneasiness with homosexuality while simultaneously agreeing homo’s can be great people. Americans have been duped into believing, in this instance mind you, that a persons sexuality defines their character and if you hate homosexuality you hate the homo! Well guess what? I won’t except that narrative any longer.
The long and short is that for close to a century the progressive elite are the only party in town. They continue to write the script for both sides (and this is where your conditionings illicit a judgment that labels me as a kook). The only reason for our imaginary two party system is to let us think we really have a choice. It is slowly and precisely that our beliefs, traditions, and judgment of right and wrong are being molested. It is only by degree that we accept tyranny and despair as inevitability or we would simply revolt. 1776 was just yesterday, yet progressive reasoning promotes it as the long ago uninformed irrelevant past. It is only by degree that we second guess our innate common sense. The progressive elite are truly Killing Us By Degrees.
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