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Pres. Trump (D) What if? Crisis at the border

What if President Trump had a (D) after his name?

President Donald J. Trump (D): Things that would happen if Pres. Trump was a Democrat

If President Trump was indeed a Democrat, the crisis at the border would be vastly different, people on the right will say, “No shit” and those on the left, “No way”.

However, illustrating this rather elementary understanding is of paramount significance, American’s liberty and freedom are actually under assault.

Firstly, anyone with a scintilla of objectivity would admit that the main-stream media would be camping throughout the worst border towns in Arizona, Texas, California, and New Mexico.

CNN’s journalist would have their over-night bags carefully packed by their mothers and along with new undies, they would have fresh new cameras to capture the pandemonium and human suffering. The fake news would relish in reporting every real and contrived ounce of human distress.

Hacks like Chris Cuomo and Donnie Lemon would devout their entire broadcast to the crimes and disorder at the border. If Trump was a Democrat then this very real crisis would receive its due concern.

This has only begun to scratch the surface of hypocrisy, Joy Behar and the other angry women of The View would be praising the President and begging for a call-to-action.

Genuine flakes like Chris Matthews, Jake Tapper, and creepy Joe Scarborough would be spin and even more shocking narrative than the truth, demanding that Congress take action now.

Goofy Chris Matthews

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer would fax Democrat “talking points” out to the rest of the entertainment industry, the identical message would resonate throughout the digital sphere, condemning any inaction or complacency pertaining to the border crisis.

The wall would definitely have been a done deal, the lefts paid protesters would be at the down there praising the mammoth blockade, smoking pot and flashing their tits in celebration.

Instead of President Trump being blamed for migrant children dying, the left would be placing the blame where it belongs, at the feet of these very irresponsible third world parents.

South American parents are engaged in various disgusting acts driven by greed and self- preservation, such as selling their children and other diabolical travesties that can benefit them at their children’s expense.

Let us in Now! We want you weemon!

The fact is that the border should be on every Americans mind; this is a real and volatile crisis. These invaders will stretch welfare systems to the breaking point and contribute to a flood of narcotics and disease. We must act!

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My next President Donald J. Trump (D) will be discussing impeachment and the Muller Report.