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Pope Francis & the perishing nations

Has Pope Francis abandon Europeans?

The Vatican is a sovereign city-state operating under the sole authority of the Pope. It has the exclusive right and full unfettered power to govern itself without any interference from outside interest.

European’s built this…

A thousand or so actual citizens populate this individual state; as such they are a protected theocracy endowed with culture and beautiful rare iconic sites. Historic places like St Peters Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, and many incomparable museums are a few of the Vatican’s priceless wonders.

The benevolent pontiff of piousness and virtue, Pope Francis, wouldn’t dream of inviting in masses of brown migrant vagabonds, draping their tents from ancient relics and claiming their universal right for food and free healthcare.

Established in 1506 under Pope Julius the Pontifical guard is equipped with modern weapons.

To the contrary, the Pope and the Vatican are fiercely protected by the voracious Swiss Guard (above) who has been trained in tactical small arms and combat. The soil itself is too important to be desecrated by these traveling hobos. (below) The Vatican eagerly awaits

Also, the Vatican is far too valuable of a city-state and the Pope a far too vital subject of humanity, to be accompanied by an unverified lower class of foreigners that already belong to another country.

The pope should encourage migrants to rebuild their own nations.

A scolding diatribe heavily flavored with moral authority is routinely delivered from Pope Francis to nations of the West, claiming that other nations rejected should reside anywhere they wish.

As if our society isn’t a sacred and valued entity, our culture isn’t worth the struggle to preserve, and our people aren’t entitled to maintain their sovereignty.

Pope Franny, you hypocrite, our history is revered and it’s precious to us, the West has every right to secure a future.

Pope Francis A.K.A. Jorge Bergoglio carries the third world DNA that inherently yearns to govern or to be governed under socialist or communist authority. These people weren’t built to boldly wield the risky saber of capitalism and individual liberty.

South American's have historically only bonded with socialist ideology, is this biological or not?
South American DNA is rife with socialist genes.

Even if Pope Francis couldn’t escape from his innately biological socialist tendencies, what on Earth made him a social justice warrior?

Under the Popes vale of protection, there operates an abundance of slithering pathetic weasels known as abusive pedophiles, so children will continue to be violated by these homosexual predators.

           From behind the anonymous faces of clergymen they hunt.

Yet the Pope concerns himself with more pressing matters:

  • Washing the feet of dirty Muslim migrants.
  • Inviting a transgender to the Vatican.
  • Claiming that Atheist go to heaven.
  • Stating that “Who is he to judge” when questioned about homosexuality.    
  • And trying to guilt countries into abandoning their poor, while accepting poor foreigners, no matter the cost.
  • And eroding the enduring principles of Catholicism.

Pope Francis is the first non-European to serve as pope in 1200 years; this is telling and perhaps this indicates the reason he’s abandon loyalties to Europeans for poorer Muslim brown and black interest.

Solismagnus expressing sock and dismay at what so many consider as abandonment from the latest Pope.