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Party over Policy

As conservatives tried to convince themselves that Obama was a centrist, the medias golden boy wasted no time in putting the kibosh on Guantanamo Bay. Then, in a totally unseen move, Obama lifted restrictions on US taxpayer funded abortions abroad. I wonder if Obama mentioned that during his dinner with the conservative brain trust. I really believe it is time for all our wish washy Republicans to jump ship and stay jumped! We don’t need them. I constantly hear how conservatives should compromise their ideals to become more inclusive. I think it’s time we purged.

Barack and all his Obamatrons, with their little red Kool-Aid mustaches, will have no mercy on conservatives, none. Conservative ideals have been misrepresented by goofy bi-partisan apologetics, presented by rubbery spine politicians who believe that the party comes first. It is time that we say goodbye to the John McCain’s of our party, GOOD-BYE JOHN. If you believe this is anything but an all out war for the soul of America, then you misinformed!