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Preserve Our European Heritage

If you believe like some people do, you are of the mind that The President of These United States is not elected, but chosen by an elite apparatus of wealthy influence peddlers. Global pirates and Godless souls, wrought with indignation for the Earths incapable stupid people. Some would reckon that these very people manufactured and packaged President Obama, like the once iconic Cabbage Patch Kid. Is media bias just a coincidence?
So with that same poison eye people leer to the republican candidates sparring it out around the country, wondering which one belongs to the global progressive movement. Romney seems like a pretty safe bet, rich corporate mover and shaker whose been running for President for the last one hundred years, but ardently claims he’s a Washington outsider. Gingrich also comes to mind as a double agent, big government puppet? Posing as a conservative? Santorum micro chip implant? Ron Paul, elusive constitutionalists who seems to be aloof to the progressive globalist domination; the man who foolishly stated he would desire a return to the gold standard.
Some people also believe that the whole primary is simply an orchestrated event designed to add legitimacy to a to an already forgone conclusion. Are these people just paranoid? And when you get propped up to the big boys seat in the White House, you better do what your told, or you get JFKed. I wonder if there is any such animal as an untouched candidate? I’m bored. Peace