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I must preface this article by expressing my contempt for our new leader has very little to do with the fact that I am a sore loser. I know that contempt is a rather strong word. However when I contemplate all the unnecessary suffering that will fall flat on the back of my children, I am angered. In previous liberal administrations, naivety was arguable just irritating, now however it will come at a very severe cost. Obama continues to follow in the footsteps from the prior administrations of “ Good intentions”. The road to destruction is paved with good intentions.

Previously I argued that a terrorist attack on American soil that could be forded by enhanced interrogation, is a no brainier. This administration seems to think humane treatment and civil rights far outweighs the safety of our children. I can honesty say that I would personally exhaust every avenue that extracts information from an enemy combatant, if it would protect our nation. I was once confident that even the most ardent Obama “Obamatron” would concede saving their loved ones would trump the comfortability of the enemy. I was wrong. This new breed of left leaning lemmings are hardened, an in it for the long hall. I call this concoction, the Obamatron.

Typically, when you confront one of these Obamatron’s they are all to eager to privy you to their new found enlightenment. I have witnessed this. After you bob and weave through the bumper sticker platitudes, you will be amazed,other than their shallow enthusiasm for the messiah, they have nothing left to offer, nothing coherent and factual that is. Obamatron’s will soon establish, they are no ordinary left wing loonies, Obamatron’s will honestly admit that they have no clue what their President stands for, or what he’s ever done, yet their OK with that, they love him anyway. I recently questioned an Obamatron yearling, a catholic convert of sorts, “You aware if Mr. Obama had his way, the partial birth abortion might find it’s way to a neighborhood near you, Sir, are you aware that your President supports homosexual couples raising young children?”

Obamatron:How do you know that?

Non Kool-Aid drinker: Well I have researched everything he has done and everything he intends to do. You know he declined to sign a bill that would eliminate the hideously inhumane practice of partial birth abortion.

Obamatron: Yes, but I feel he is going to lead us in the right direction.

Non Kool-Aid drinker: And what brings you to that conclusion?

I can regurgitate this whole train wreck of a conversation, but I’ll spare you. The bottom line is these people are emotionally and spiritually consumed by the legend that is Obama. I could tell one of these Obamatron’s that their Messiah refused to let an enemy combatant answer any question that might cause him mental discomfort, and thus his terror cell blew California into the sea, I still wouldn’t change their mind.

We have to clean political house, starting with Obama. Our government is corrupt and broken, beyond repair as it stands now. We the people can no longer sit idly by why they steal a trillion dollars from us and ravage our society. I contend, moral decay is rabidly doled out by the government social engineering policies, thus encouraging more dependence. We should be battling for independence. We must begin NOW.