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Obama’s World

For the traditional Christian in the contemporary world, things may sometimes appear to be rotten. It all to often feels as though we are losing the war, when it’s the battle we should be contending with. For those of us who have been guilty of watching on the sidelines, it’s rendered us some what paralyzed in frustration. The man who we call President is methodically waging a cultural assault, that if left unchallenged, will be the single greatest detriment to the American soul, ever.
An Obama world is one where are babies will be born slaves to the government, if born at all. Homosexuality will be a civil right that our children will believe was fought for, with the same intention of honor and integrity as that of Martin Luther King’s struggle. An Obama world will offer a teen mother an effortless procedure, that may one day haunt her, when she realizes good things in life come from accountability and determination. If left unchallenged, may bare a society that sees men surgically manipulated as woman, raising children who know no moral compass, and who are lost in a collapsing society.
In a recent survey it was discovered that we are less religious, going the way of Europe, and it shouldn’t be a surprise, some sold their soul for comfort or self preservation. My church, for the most part has a “Hey, what can we do about it” state of mind. What am I going to do about it? I am devoting myself to my new project, C.A.S.T. A, Christians Against Socialist Tyranny in America. We will some day feel the persecution we read about. I all to often find myself consumed by the struggles of my day to day, and I sometimes forget Jesus is there to help me up when I fall, he loves me. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the “It’s all about me.”, but if I can dedicate myself towards making a change, I will ultimately have a better quality of life, and so will you.