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Obama’s White Lie

Dr Martin Luther King once said, “I have a dream, one day my four little children will live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but the content of their character.” He Also quoted our founder’s, and with conviction said “ We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal”

Dr. King is one of my personal hero’s, because he was authentic, spiritual, loving, compassionate, and more importantly, fallible, yes fallible. Very few people have had such a profound impact on American society, he believed in personal responsibility and equality. He didn’t walk on water, and he never claimed too. Dr. King succumb to temptation, he fell down, he struggled, but as every great man of faith, he carried on. He kept the message passionate and would not let his trials and tribulations hinder his ardent pursuit for equality and justice.

Liberals like President Pinocchio have so drastically skewed the memory of a divinely guided man, and it’s a great shame. King was not a politician, his agenda was equal treatment for all man kind. The vast majority of conservative Christian Americans, of which I am and Dr. king was too, believe all human life is sacred, it doesn’t matter your color, race, gender, abnormality, age, or location (womb). In God’s eyes we are all equal.

Unlike today’s advocates for equality, King was not a self serving vulture who preyed upon the poor and preconditioned who mainly reside in urban America. The millions of souls who have been blinded by huckster’s and slithering opportunist like Rev. Al “ Tawana Brawley Hoax” Sharpton,continue to validate the deception that Martin Luther King would have been a liberal if he were alive today, despite the overwhelming evidence that concurs he would be sickened by the likes of a Sharpton or a political and spiritual sellout fraud like Jesse Jackson.

Approximately 3700 black and African American American babies are unjustifiably murdered daily, a genocide supported by high ranking liberal progressive democrats like Harry Reid, who seems to believe that a dark skinned “negro” could never attain the status of the presidency, at least not without a little cream in his coffee, that is. Worms like Reid, have helped politicize racism, profiting handsomely over the misunderstanding that color will keep you from succeeding in the greatest country on Earth. Don’t get me wrong , bigotry, like every other human sin can ruin lives, but in America 2010, your born free. It’s against the law to discriminate against people because of the way they look or their religious belief (unless that religion is Christianity, of course) but guess what? Ignorant idiots still do it, because they are evil. It is logically impossible to be a good person, yet hate another because of the color of their skin. People are not predisposed to hating specific colors, it’s not some innate impulse, unless your a bull, I guess they are predisposed to red.

The most misunderstood stereotype is “Black speak or white speak”, this too has been manipulated from the common Joe on main street, all the way up to the man in the White House. The fallacy promoted by democrat race baiters and profiteers is the myth that there is a dialect referred to as “talking white” If a black man uses proper English and his ideology is not that of a liberal democrat, he is accused of “speaking white”, when in reality he is “speaking right” There is no legitimate form of communication that is “ talking black”. Different people from different areas of the country and different communities have what they refer to as dialects. Let’s take a look:

You decide to consult an individual that specializes in reestablishing your credit, he happens to be white. As your appointment begins your consultant says, in a thick southern accent, “ Shoot boy, yawl chances a getting yawl fico score back good ain’t no walk in the short green grass, it’s more like a stroll through them tall cat tails with a billy goat hot on your trail, and you carrying a pocket full a cans, you getting it? Billy goats hungry. We got some do dads to tinker with.” Now your jaw drops, you walk out, immediately! He calls you back in the office and say’s “ Sir, I realize your taken a back by my backwoods accent, it just so happened I was brought up in an area that speak as such. So although I believe you may be just ignorant to my culture, I really need your business and you certainly could use my assistance, so let me start over by “talking white” you’ll be more comfortable and I’ll seem more credible.” This scenario is obviously absurd.

Living on the east coast and in Rhode Island as long as I have, I have a tendency to drop my R’s and put them where they don’t belong. There is a huge difference between a dialect, which might be Southern, Northern, (Sarah Palin), Eastern, Western, and just plain ignorance of the English language. But it all goes back to the most important detail of being a United States citizen, your free! You don’t owe a thing to your individual culture. If you take the time to read or listen to geniuses like Walter Williams or Thomas Sowell or Clarence Thomas, you’ll have had the fortune to familiarize yourself with just how many positive doors King had opened for today’s men of color.

President Obama turns on the urban dialect, depending on whom he happens to be pandering too at the moment. But let us not forget he is allowed to do that, in spite of being a liberal, which affords you the unyielding forgiveness to be blatantly racist, he is half white. Obama, who portrayed himself as post racial, above the common fray of that old tired divisiveness that divided us all, is proving himself as adept as any other politician whose slithered through the White House, when it come to playing the race card. This is a shame, for the first time in American history we have a man who is referred to as a “minority” as President, and instead of uplifting the African American community, he is playing the same tired game. He is continuing the “Big white lie”

In closing, I believe as Martin Luther King looks down on us, he is shaking his head, maybe even crying. He sees the damage progressive liberals have caused for political gain in their never ending call to “stick it to the man”. King fought his battles fueled by love for his fellow man, not hatred. Although the elite progressives know this, it hardly coincides with their agenda. Today King would be chastised and despised by America’s left. I thank God he came at the time when he did, because of Martin Luther King and other patriots like him, blacks and African Americans alike have the opportunity, in spite of the lefts agenda, to become all they desire to be. Today minorities have a chance to be in the positions that save lives, like doctors, soldiers, and police. Minorities live in a country where they are born equal to the majority and what they choose to do with that is their journey, the legalistic walls are gone, now if only we could remove the walls from our hearts and minds.

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