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Obama’s Legion of flying Monkey’s from Hollywood

They gather in the cool midnight air, circling the clouds, their brilliantly white capped teeth reflecting in the moonlight; right now they cast aside the temptation to judge their peers expensive face jobs, and focus on the task at hand, defending the messiah, lord Barack Obama. This legion of primates are indigenous to the land of Hollywood, closely related to the homosapien, only separated by a euphoric elitist psychosis and an innate hatred traditional values.

John Stewart, comedian turned bitter silver back baboon, violently thrashed radio talk show host Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh the other night on The Daily Show. The self professed “fake news program” features Stewart, who is often seen chastising his political opponents in out of context clips and humorless rants. He accused Glenn Beck of calling the President racist, and lined up a few other conservatives, including Rush Limbaugh, in a contest in which he sought to expose Barack Obama’s number one offender.

This battle rages on several mediums however, it’s not only the state run media, or flaky Hollywood halfwits, but you can see Obama’s army injecting his agenda on the little screen as well. Take a random look at shows like Law and Order or Criminal Minds, they regularly take swipes at Christians and conservatives. One hard hitting drama recently exposed contemporary whacko Christians, in an episode that portrayed a father of a drama student as a murderous wingtip, perverted by those dysfunctional Christian values, you know thou shall not kill. (In an up coming post, I detail Hollywood’s assault on Christianity)

This evil army of propagandist, not only defend their savior, Obama, but they defile and marginalize any opposing ideology. Let’s look at the entertainment industries and our so-called new’s mediums and their assault on Christians and American values. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and so on, will go out of their way to profile Christians as bizarre hate mongers, but when is the last time they put a reporter behind the lines in Pakistan, detailing the Muslim extremist and their quest to destroy innocent Christians and non-believers. There is a jihad out there, that all these liberal powder puff, obamamaniacs refuse to cover, it is consuming Europe as we speak, it’s on.

Instead of covering crisis’s that threaten our very way of life, like a health care bill that will extinguish our elderly, tax us into slaves, and sterilize the undesirables; we have these so-called journalist out there attacking anyone who opposes this administration. Our government is giving the auto dealers up to $4500 per vehicle, and no one blinks! Are we subsidizing car dealerships with tax payer money now? These hacks refuse to scrutinize anything this administration does. Here are some questions that these lap dogs will never force the President to explain.

Alert: The White House is asking citizens to report any of their peers that may hold opposition to Obama’s government take over. Many “great” dictators began their regime with this very same formula, what became of the Wiemar Republic.

1.Will you be recruiting a mandatory civil defense force, like you have talked about?
2.Why did you lie about transparency?
3.Why weren’t you truthful about earmarks, you unequivocally said, “No earmarks” yet signed off on 8,000?
4.Why when it was revealed that you were dead wrong about the Professor Gate’s indecent, didn’t you say the words “I’m sorry” or “I apologize”
5.Why would you hire a Marxist czar?
6.Why don’t you admit that you endorse single payer health care and actually said you wanted it?