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When the Ball Drops…On Us Obamacon’s enslave America

“Right now we have a severe unemployment situation, if a political party designed a bill that eliminated 90% of joblessness, would you want them to pass it? If you say well no! It’s too good to be true, I want to know how they did it. Why aren’t you demanding this of the Obama care bill?”

On Christmas Eve, the snowball with which an avalanche will be formed, will be let loose. The health care bill will be signed, you and I are willing accomplices, because we had not exhausted every imaginable option to derail this fundamental departure from liberty, we are to blame. From the hash brownie eating idealist to the blue collar cog and all those in between, we failed. Millions of hapless ignorant souls have no comprehension of the poison these rats have just fed us, we, the ones that do, shame shame.

In France disgruntled workers are kidnapping their bosses because they were sold a bill of goods, they are burning cars and rioting. This because they were merely promised a utopian existence in which the government would enable them from cradle to grave; an existence where healthcare, education, employment, good will, spiritual guidance and love were to be provided by wealthy state officials and their sound digressions.

Well, guess what? As France did all they could to banish the existence of Jesus Christ and replace him with a social worker and a government in-forced minimum wage, the people began to awaken from the ether, the LIE. They are rioting now, as our government run media refuses to inform socialism’s next victims(US), the French are violently screaming “ We need more money!! We need more jobs!!”

My point being, the citizenry of France voluntarily forfeited God and sovereignty for the safe coddling hand of government, when that government did not come through (surprise surprise) on many of it’s promises, the people erupted. In America we have been slowly gifting our liberty to the federal government for sometime now, on Christmas we will unwittingly (for the most part) become a nation of which our founders would have had shed blood to break free from. We are barely sounding a whimper.

Healthcare will be forced down our throats in a few days, its funny that the average person who supports it, simply believes “ Great, finally all will have healthcare, the suffering poor will have the healing they so desperately need and people will not drowned in debt to pay their medical bills” I don’t think many will oppose that thought, not at least if you have a caring heart. Unfortunately, this “healthcare bill” and that statement don’t coincide. I suggest that if you are a casual supporter of the bill, you read it! Government imposed healthcare is the antithesis of “ A healing and helping hand”.

I began a blog called the Christian Revolution Now, a little over a year ago, it is designed to inform people how closely American politics affects American religion, which in turn affects American freedom. The only way for a government to grow is by reducing it citizens freedom, ours has been gorging on ours for over fifty years. They have conditioned us to believe that there is some battle between democrat and republican, encouraging us to choose a side, thus separating us. They further divide us with divisive social issues, such as racism, abortion, gay rights, and so on. They have us torn in so many directions, we have allowed them to prosper and grow among the self inflicted chaos.

For those Christians who have a hard time conceiving that the Obama administration will inflict a fatal blow to our national faith, I beg you, please research and read my previous post’s. If you are an Obama supporter, take comfort in the fact that he isn’t the only politician, past and present, who desires to dismantle Christianity as we know it. The government cannot fully extend its wings of destruction and oppression as long as America recognizes it’s faith. I pray in reading my post, Christians will come to be as concerned as I am. We cannot remain on the sidelines. If you research and investigate this administration you’ll realize rather quickly their anti-Christian agenda.

Do you realize that if each tax payer were to give a charitable donation of only a few dollars at the end of every fiscal year, that in itself would afford the uninsured coverage? This monstrosity of over a trillion dollar legislation is designed circumvent liberty and freedom by injecting the governments tentacles into every aspect of American life. If we let this bill pass, our wealthy elitist politicians will control and crush small business, academia, the church, the community, and the family, all under the guise of protecting the few uninsured. Why won’t congress subscribe to the same healthcare they are force feeding us? At the very least, won’t you demand that they follow the same script they are commanding us to live by?

The ball will Drop… Right on our Heads!

1.The cost is an absolute lie, this monstrosity will crush middle wage families (by design) We will have started paying on this attack on liberty YEARS before it insures ONE “uninsured”.

2.The simple fact every democrat who initially opposed the bill was eventually bought off with hundreds of millions of our dollars, only furthers the deception and corruption of a soon to be indestructible government and bankrupt nation.
3.It is down right unconstitutional!
4.Up until now, Christians were born, owing only Christ. We were baptized and gave our lives over to him for our salvation. For the first time in American history, we are literally born, owing the United States government tax money for insurance whether we want it or not.
5.I want you to think real hard…. Where on this forsaken planet do you believe you can find a more compassionate, better equipped, highly skilled, more comprehensive healthcare system than the one in United States? ANSWER: NO WHERE

6.For all that is wrong with our healthcare, no one, I repeat no one is left untreated. However in this bill, the government will have the legal right to decide whom, how much, and if, you deserve treatment.
7.We are not insuring the people who can’t afford insurance with this bill, we are handing our liberty over to the federal government. Right now we have a severe unemployment situation, if a political party designed a bill that eliminated 90% of joblessness, would you want them to pass it? If you say well no! It’s too good to be true, I want to know how they did it. Why aren’t you demanding this of the Obama care bill? You don’t know what’s in it. The fed’s could create a 2300 page job bill that would demand the first born, force you to serve time in the military, volunteer 3,400 hours of community service or be subjected to incarceration or fine. They could easily disguise those unfortunate tid bit’s of information in a 2300 page bill. They could fill the rest with utopian dreams, bogus jobs, and meaningless platitudes. And if you opposed this bill, they could simply say “ You don’t want change, you’d rather do nothing than alleviate 90% of the unemployment…. Sounding familiar?

Join me at or email me your writing’s at so I can post them. We must stop this liberal agenda, both democrat and republican. Please I urge you… We cannot sit silent, while we are being attacked by these new domestic terrorist.