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Obama: The Great Divide

Obama: The Great divide

Jan Brewer has accomplished much more than merely enacting a “sensible law” in Arizona, she has exposed the Obamatron’s for the snake oil opportunist and soulless traitor’s to the constitution that they are. Most columnist either conservative or liberal would describe this as a “tough law” not a “sensible law”, that is a testament to how far left this nation has derailed. A “tough law” would be letting the police and other law officials treat this invasion like it really is, a mortal threat to our sovereignty. Calderon, the Mexican president, has no intention of corralling his murderous marauders.

Eric Holder, the nations “Top Cop” and highly over paid Obamadriod, has mindlessly uttered how unconstitutional and bias this law is, shortly before admitting that he has not had a chance to read all 10 pages of it. The pathetic reality that this goon hasn’t been evicted from his perch for this reckless rhetoric, shines a light on how weak and helpless we the citizenry have truly become. If Holder had offended a Muslim, he would be picking the pebbles out of his rear end, from the pavement he’d just been thrown out on. Holder is a proven cheat and a liar, but “we the people” seem too impotent to do anything. So much for being able to dismantle an out of control government and starting a new republic.

Although, the Obamadroids are going to be sacrificed at the alter of frustration and common sense this November, this does not alleviate the impending tyranny of fascism’s puppet Obama. The Obamacon’s must be purged from office, they are in-sighting racism, class warfare, and destroying the constitution. The question is at what cost are we willing to refuse to relinquish our liberty? Violence? Are we willing to shed our blood for our nation? Or will we be diligent at the voting booth? I believe the new socialist regime is willing to spill our blood, to install their new version of America? I guess we will see.

The common theme to this ungodly dismantling of The United States, is to divide and conquer. I can not stress enough as to the the travesty this “Arizona thing” aspires to, it is disparaging and surreal. The highest ranking elected progressives in our government have emphatically damned this bill, adnauseaum, to placate the Hispanic vote, only to reveal they haven’t even read it! And if they had, they would realize the magnitude of lies they are shoveling down our throats, with the help of the government run media, of course. They are exploiting young children and grown morons, to further perpetrate their time tested winning formula of divide and control.

The progressives realize the enormous emerging Hispanic population and although they cannot deceive and obliterate them with the blunt force in which they did the African American community, they can and will manipulate and exploit them. Obama and his administration operate just like the punks and thugs they are, they rule by fear and misinformation.

Obama has shriveled up to the Mexican President, instead of reprimanding this joker for doing absolutely zero about his citizens illegally entering our country, he embraced him in all his glorious submissive fashion. This as the Mexican President had the testosterone to judge our laws and procedures. This from a man whose country will jail you with a felony, gringo, if you are caught entering illegally. Why isn’t Obama publicly asking El Presidento, why are his people are so eager to leave his magical paradise? I think it was a hideous slap in the face listening to President Calderon preach his hollow insidious rhetoric, here on our home turf, our country, while our jelly spine politicians gave him a standing ovation.

This guy doesn’t give a rats you know what about the mayhem on the border, he loves the hundreds of million of dollars sent back home to support his crackpot economy. As matter of fact, he and Obama want to use this catastrophe to further incorporate Mexico as our 51st welfare state. Calderon is whining that if only his economy was robust, people would never leave. It’s not the people leaving for a better life who are bloodletting our borders, anyone with an IQ exceeding that of an amoeba, realizes this. It’s far from the legitimate immigrants in search of the American dream, those souls shall be warmly embraced.

It’s the criminals and they know this, they are exploiting Mexican migration and the honorable hard working Mexican, whom by the way is just as fearful of the violencia, for easy political capital. This is disgusting, innocent humans are being beheaded, kidnapped, intimidated, sold, raped, you name it. Law enforcement needs more tools, not less. If a police officer has reason to believe or even a hunch that he spots an illegal, he should have the right to investigate. The whole racism theme is a red herring, as if this new law is just what racist police have been pining for, finally they will be able to enact their racial rage, because up until now they have been stifled by existing laws. Yes, this law will even entice good cops to look the other way, maybe even tempt them to disregard their virtues and harass some local Hispanics just for sport!

Obama: The Great divide. This manipulation of separate and control has been in the progressive playbook for a hundred years, only now if you can’t recognize it your either an Obamadroid, politically ignorant, or in denial. Progressives dial up their little liberal droids and they disperse them with misinformation and racial division. It is lamentable, especially all our children of Christ, whose only specific identity is that they have been saved and committed their life to Jesus. In reality this law does nothing to remedy or entice racial bigotry, common sense spells that out, the law spells it out. The injustice of it all is the race baiting by the Obamcons. Obama has proved himself a phoney, a liar, and a typical political puppet to the progressive elite. They did their homework, kudos’s! They groomed a light skinned minority, with a hollow head and hundred thousand dollar paper diploma to prove it. The progressive oligarchy marketed this man, he was both palatable to white and blacks, if you don’t approve of his polices there’s a good chance you were racist. But not even the election of Mr. Hope and Change could quench the white liberal self loathing and guilt. Under the careful manipulation of the media, George Bush set up the pins and Barack Obama knocked them down. The Great divider isn’t really Barack Obama, it’s the progressives who pull his strings, the billion dollar babies who after years of plotting are getting what they want, the end of America. What have we got Mr. Franklin? A Republic or a Monarchy? “A Republic,if you can keep it.” He replied.

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